Chicken and rice recipe is a popular Nigerian dish!



Every Nigerian loves to eat rice with stews full of chicken cutlets. In most of the restaurants, beer-palours and hotels an average Nigerian who checks in into any of these eating places would first prefer eating chicken and rice recipe to eating pounded yam! The reason is because this particular meal is relatively simple and easier to eat compared with many other dishes.

Another good reason is the fact that you feel light physically when you eat chicken and rice recipe than when you eat Ewedu and Amala or beans and yam. On the other hand, this particular dish seem less harmful compared with some other dishes such as Nkwobi, Ngwongwo, and Isiewu dishes.

I have always enjoyed eating lighter diets when ever I'm in Nigeria and I can tell you without mixing words that I can eat chicken and rice meals three times a day!

Even when at home in London, my entire family and I prefer to eat this light diet more often than we eat Pounded yam and Egusi soup. To be sincere, we eat pounded yam, or ground rice and yam dishes at two or even three months interval.

We formed the habit of eating chicken and rice dishes with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrots and of course, in addition to rich stews. These vegetables make the dish a healthy eating diet second to none.

When I'm in Nigeria and wants to eat chicken and rice meal, I always insist that the chicken must be Nigerian home grown chicken and not GM chickens. The Nigerian home grown chickens are organic and taste 85% better than the GM chicken. Nigerians call such GM chickens "Okuko agriculture!"

Those who have tasted spit fried Nigerian home grown chickens can bear me witness that they taste better than the fat,robust roasters! Here in Europe and London in particular, my family and I eat the boiler more than the roaster because the boiler tastes more like the Nigerian home grown chickens.

And for rice, we know that there are many species of rice but I always prefer long grain brown American or Thailand rice to many other types of rice. Nigerian home grown rice are tasty but most of the time, it may take several hours to remove sands from the batches.


Cooking chicken and rice meals are are relatively simple and easy. First, you buy some parts of chicken or slaughter a full grown chicken and have it cleaned and dressed. Then cut the meat into several pieces as you may require. After cutting it into several pieces, you wash them thoroughly.

The next thing to do is to add water about (four cups of water) into the cooking pot. As soon as you put the pot on the fire, you pour the washed chicken pieces into the pot and let it boil for at least 40 minutes.

As the chicken are are on the boil, you wash the long grain brown rice in another pot and boil it for 25-30 minutes.

As soon as the chicken pieces are thoroughly cooked and tender, the next thing to do is to cook a rich mouth-watering stew with the chicken and the juices from them.

How do you make the rich stew?

Simple! First, you need fried onions, fresh copped tomatoes, salt and pepper, three spoonful of vegetable oil; spices and seasonings such as oxo or magi cubes and pour them into the pot and mix and stir intermittently until the stew is fully cooked.

Allow to simmer for 10 minutes and expect a sweet aroma oozing out from the pot to inform you that you have done a good cooking. You can then decorate your plate of cooked rice with the rich stew and the chicken cutlets and this gives you an excellent chicken and rice recipe you can be proud that you cooked the meal by yourself.

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