About me, Nigerian diet and healthy eating

My name is Justus Amadiegwu and I love Nigerian diet and healthy eating. I was born of Ibo parents in Nigeria and I have lived in United Kingdom for many years. I’m happily married with five children.

I had my academic achievements in Accountancy, Secretaryship, and Business management. I’m equally a novelist, playwright, poet, photographer and a cook! My hobbies are treasure hunting, antique and stamp collecting.

Personally, I’m dynamic, creative, cheerful and enthusiastic! In short, I’m jack of all trades or simply, multi-talented!

My relationship with diet and healthy eating

To be sincere, I became a cook by accident! During my early school days, I was a notorious truant. Instead of going to school regularly, I found a refuge in a restaurant near my school. I enjoyed washing up, eating free food and meat. The restaurant owner taught me how to cook mouth-watering and finger-licking dishes including Egusi and Edika-ekong soups! I finally graduated from the restaurant and resumed studies and went to college.

About me, Nigerian diet and healthy eating

At the college, I was nicknamed ‘DE Chef!’ when by accident once again, I discovered and introduced ‘powdered yeast’ in the college. This stuff helped all the students to enjoy the bad food the college used to give us then. A spoon full of this yeast will not only sweeten the soup or stew but enable us to have good eyesight as well! At the college, I used to run an errand for the cooks and in return, I acquired a lot of cooking skills from them.

When I arrived in UK, I lived in Catholic International students’ hostel in Finsbury Park, London. It took me barely two months to become anxious to learn how to cook English and European foods. I got friendly with the hostel cooks! They were so kind and willing to teach me at week ends. Every weekend, I will be at the kitchen.

These obsessive ambitions to learn how to cook English and European foods made me to take several jobs as dish washer in many hotels and restaurants in London including Alexandra, Maple, Cumberland, Portland, Euston hotels and many others! After three years I achieved my aims but had no certificate or diploma to show for it! I was not ashamed to be a dish washer because I enjoyed doing the job part time while pursing my academic studies full time!

I’m excited about cooking, Nigerian diet and healthy eating, it is my second nature! I enjoy creative and imaginative cookery and I love to experiment too.

I have discovered many wonderful healthy eating diets including moi moi.

I found that moi moi and beans are some of the safest, harmless, fibre and protein rich diets in the world!

Moi moi can be eaten by the young, the old, pregnant or nursing mothers; vegetarians, dibetics and weightwatchers with lots of health benefits! I transformed moi moi into different attractive shapes and sizes that will astound many Nigerians who have been used to eating it all their lives. I felt I must pass these invaluable discoveries to all Nigerians and people from other nationalities of the world!

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to cookery and this nearly ruined my marriage when I got married. Cookery is a living creative art! My greatest ambition is to cook for Nollywood stars probably on one of their film production locations. Read more about my discoveries in the website including the genuine recipe for Edika-ekong the mother of all Nigerian healthy eating soups!

Learn how I built this site - I did it with no knowledge about website building at all!

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