Drink soya milk for wonderful health benefits!



The last time I tasted soya milk was when I tried in vain to extract milk from soya beans. It was in the 80's when Nigerian government banned the importation of canned milk from overseas.

You know how things work in Nigeria, the rich people and those connected with the political parties were drinking imported milk like water as well as eating imported foreign rice, chicken and beef etc.

For the poor 'Havenots' people like me and my family, we could not even find a tin of milk let alone buying it for my growing children. Milk was one of the commodities classified as 'Essential Commodities!'

I was determined to provide milk for our tea so I bought dry raw soya beans from the local market. How little did I know that extracting milk from raw dry soya beans was as much as extracting blood from a piece of wood! Ignorance is probably a kind of disease, I must admit.

I heard so much from people who said they were drinking and using soya milk for their tea. I did not ask them how they extract the milk from the beans.

What I did was first wash the beans which was about 4 cups or possibly 2KG. I went to work to do the extracting. I added about three cups of water to make the stuff grind able with a local hand grinder. After an exhaustive hour, I completed the grinding and filtered and tasted.

It had no taste and it was more or less waterlogged I must admit. My wife tasted and said it tasted like herbal medicine. My children tasted as well and declared the stuff not fit for human consumption!

I could not bear the taste so I had no option than to flush down the whole thing into the toilet. After that, I never ever thought of Soya beans milk again for years until I started to research for healthy eating foods and drinks! SOYA MILK IS BETTER THAN COW'S MILK;

I could never imagine that after my futile attempt of extracting milk from soya beans, that I will now turn back to persuade my readers to drink the milk. It is a small world! However, I'm not asking you to do any extraction but to drink well refined milk from soya beans because they are in fact, the best!

Soya milk are rich in vegetable protein. Soya protein has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol levels, with just 15-25g a day likely to make all the difference.

Soya milk is an ideal free-from alternative. It is versatile and great-tasting and low in saturated fat. Soya products are packed with plant and vegetable protein.


The good news is that Soya milk is now produced and marked all over the world. People have recognised the importance and as an alternative to cow's milk. You can have assorted types and many brands have got health certificates with them.

As it contains only vegetable proteins it has added advantages over cow's milk that they cause less loss of calcium through the kidneys. It is known that a diet rich in animal (and dairy protein) creates a higher risk for osteoporosis.

SOYA MILK REDUCES OR LOWERS CHOLESTEROL: It has now been found that the saturated fats in cow's milk are unhealthy and increases our cholesterol. The cow's milk has no benefits as compared with Soya protein which decrease cholesterol levels.

In addition, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of US) confirms that Soya protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart. The FDA recommends to incorporate 25 grams of soya protein in your daily meals.

SOYA MILK CONTAINS NO HORMONE: Soya milk contains no known hormone compared with cow's milk.

FEWER PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC TO SOYA MILK: It is understood that only 0.5percentof the children are allergic to soya milk compared with 2.5 percent who are allergic to cow's milk.

SOYA MILK CONTAINS NO LACTOSE: Millions of people all over the world including large proportion of Africans and Asians.It is believed that some ethnic groups are more affected than others which is about 75% of African and about 90% of Asians.

In addition, Soya milk contains the prebiotic sugars stachyose and raffinose. These prebiotic sugars boost immunity and help decrease toxic substances in the body. SOYA MILK IS RICH IN ISOFLAVONES:

It is said that "the presence of isoflavones is the most important and unique benefit of soya milk. Each cup of soya milk contains about 20 mg isoflavones (mainly geneistein and daidzein). Cow's milk does not contain isoflavones.

Isoflavones have many health benefits including reduction of cholesterol, easing of menopause symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis and reduction of risk for certain cancers (prostate cancer and breast cancer).

Incidents of these cancers are very low in countries with high intake of soya products, including soya milk. Isoflavones are also antioxidants which protect our cells and DNA against oxidation"


The most recent discovery is the fact that drinking a glass of soya milk every day can comfortably flatten those pot bellies (Afo-beer)as nicknamed in Igbo language.

It is believed that soya, a vegetable protein, interferes with the processing of excess sugar into fat-helping to flatten out a pot belly.


A recent research showed that a pot belly greatly increase the risks of heart attacks and drinking of soya milk regularly can reduce the risk.

"A 12-year-study of more than 100,000 men and women revealed that waist size is strongly linked health, with those with the biggest bellies being more than 40 per cent more likely to suffer from hardening of the arteries, angina and heart attacks than those with washboard stomachs".

What are you waiting for! Go for Soya milk today because the health benefits are tremendous!

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