Green juices are extracted from green leafy vegetables!



Green juices are juices extracted from one, two or more raw vegetables. The vegetables generally juiced are mostly those dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, Swiss Chard; parsley, water cress, and cabbage to mention a few.

These raw vegetables on their own, some are herbs which provide natural healing powers for some of our health problems. Even our fore fathers had successfully used them to great advantages over the years!

The great advantages gained from juicing are tremendous for these juice work wonders in our body. Many of the juices are rich in vitamins and minerals but the most significant aspects are the facts that the body can absorb these juices into our blood streams fast!


BROCCOLI: Broccoli on its own contains lots of calcium as well as a selection of antioxidants- a particularly powerful one called sulphoraphane, and vitamin C, beta-carotene,quercetin, glutathione and lutein.

It is also a rich source of trace metal chromium, which attacks insulin resistance and helps normalise blood sugar. Regular broccoli eaters or juicers also suffer less colon and lung cancers and heart disease. Most importantly, broccoli is rich in essential fibre.

PARSLEY: Parsley juice is very effective in preventing eye diseases like cataract and conjunctivitis.

SPINACH: Spinach juice is an excellent source of vitamin A which is super to the body. It also contains iron which is essential to healthy hair.

KALE: Kale juice is super rich in vitamin A and also plays important parts in nourishing the eyes.

All these vegetables when juiced provide vitamins and minerals and fibre. And equally they aid digestion and fat burning as well as contain phytochemicals that can stimulate enzymes in the body that help detoxification.You have lots to gain from juicing all these raw vegetables.

You can almost scoop a jackpot in obtaining various other vitamins such as A, C, K; and minerals such as manganese, folic acid and magnesium. You can always add cucumber, apples, celery to your juicing. You can sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice as well.

Juicing raw vegetables are relatively easy and should be juiced almost everyday or every two days. However, for general juicing, I have always recommended buying a good juicer that can juice both fruits and vegetables without any fuss or difficulties.

Better juicers or juicing machines are sold on the Internet as well as in many big supermarkets. Go for ones costing between £100-£200! It will be an investment you will never regret! Carry on juicing and Happy juicing!

Health Aspects

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