Health benefits of peas are super and tremendous!

The health benefits of peas are not only numerous but exciting when you realise the potentials of eating fresh green peas.

Most of us consider peas as vegetable but in actual fact,they are part of the legumes family.The nutritional values and health benefits of peas are wonderful for the simple fact that they grow in a pod and this linked them to the legumes family. The most exciting thing about peas is that it is easily cooked compared with dry beans-whether broad, black, black-eye, brown; or red and kidney beans.

Green peas(pisum sativum)are rich in protein and carbohydrates but low in fats.They are good source of fibres, vitamin A, C and B9. Another exciting health benefits of peas are the fact that they can be eaten fresh or raw, cooked and frozen. Most importantly,the health benefits of peas can equally be enhanced when it is turned into juice and drank!

Health benefits of peas

It does not matter whether peas are frozen,cooked or eaten fresh, they are generally excellent supplier of fibres and thiamin and iron.They are rich in water-soluble fibres and these promote a good intestinal health and by binding with cholesterol, they help excrete it.They also help the energy to keep steady by slowing the appearance of glucose in the blood.

They are equally the richest vegetable in thiamin(vitamin B1).This vitamin is essential for our energy production, nerve function and carbohydrates metabolism. The peas juice is also of great benefit for people with Celiac Disease. These people have trouble absorbing fats and peas juice help the intestines to reabsorb food properly by mending the small intestine membrane which have been damaged by gluten.

There are really many useful values of peas of peas many us seem to overlook through ignorance but this article is about to reveal as many as possible! Eating peas for example can boost your immunity: Peas are high in betacarotene and vitamin A.Retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin A, plays a pivotal role in the development of our immune cells, which fight off foreign invaders and keep us healthy.

Peas are useful for your bones: They are great source of vitamin K, which has been shown to not only aid in the creation of new bone cells, but also helps prevent fractures and even some forms of bone cancer.

Health benefits of peas include the facts that peas help prevent fatigue: they contain 18% of the recommended intake of dietary iron in one cup. Iron incidentally, has been shown to reduce female fatigue, and also even in non-iron deficient women.

Most of the health and nutritional values of peas are obtained when they are moderately cooked. In such cases, the essential vitamins and minerals are superbly scooped. In fact the best way to prserve their nutrients and health benefits  is to steam them over boiling water for 2-5 minutes. Peas goe well with all kinds of healthy eating meals, vegetables like mushroom, parsley,,cereals, rice,parsnips,Brussels sprouts, bean sprouts,roast potatoes and various other dishes or diets.

Fresh peas are rich in green colour and are super delicious, and nutritious and their health benefits are second to none when compared with many other vegetables. Peas are easily grown. That means that you can grow your own peas in an allotment or garden. You can equally buy fresh shelled or unshelled peas and you are bound to enjoy their nutritional and health benefits. Guidelines to healthy eating!

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