Healthy alternatives replace junk snacks and diets!



Many people have formed the habits of eating what are regarded as junk or unhealthy foods. Sometimes, they do this because of ignorance or because they are very lazy to buy fresh foods and cook them by themselves.

The arrival of Fast Foods industries have created a legion of junk food eaters. In Nigeria as of today, the Fast food industries are booming and many people who normally cook and eat healthy foods have turned to eating these type of junk foods.

As a result, many of these eaters are blowing up in weight! Yes, they are becoming obese or overweight! Each time I write about or think of Obesity, I remember Nigerian Nollywood stars who many of them were slim fit some years ago but today, some of them are so obese or overweight that you just feel sorry for them. Yes, piling up weights is a crime against humanity and against nature!

The problem about obesity is that it takes a hell of time, money, dedication, mental and psychological torture to get rid of the overweight once it sets in!

An average Nigerian in the village have nothing to worry about obesity. Even swallowing akpu three times a day will not make them obese. It is those guys in the cities who are financially well off I'm worried about. My candid advice is stay away from Fast food providers and stop eating junk foods including chocolate and biscuits! NOW IS THE TIME TO REPLACE THE JUNK FOODS WITH HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE FOODS OR DIETS.

If your favourite snacks and diet are to turn you into an overweight guy, stop eating them.!It is easy to be overweight but very hard to reduce or get rid of the overweight!

Now replace foods from Fast food providers with fresh home made or home cooked meals.

Replace granulated white sugar with brown sugar.

Replace Biscuits, cream cakes, sugarcoated doughnuts with fresh fruits and nuts such as Brazil nuts, Hazel, Walnut, Almond, cashew nuts etc.

Replace Chocolate consumption with natural fruits and nuts. Chocolate in any form is fattening!

Replace High alcohol content drinks like Whiskey, gin, rum with fresh fruit juices.

Replace large salt intake with little or none. Alternatively, you can replace salt with potassium, yeast extract,basil or tarragon.

Replace Caffeinated coffee with decaffeinated one.

Replace white bread with Wholegrain brown bread.

Replace whole fat cow's milk with Soya, vegetable milk or even with vegetable juice.

Replace ideal Nigerian breakfast of akpu, rice,eba, yam with some light food/breakfast like tea, coffee and juice with akara balls.

Replace constant drinking of mineral or soft drinks with several glasses of cold water.

Replace eating heavy food for dinner with light food or meal.

Replace buying and eating unhygienic sandwiches with healthy home made sandwiches by you.

If possible, replace eating eggs and red meat and replace them with fresh fishes, and some peas' juice which can as well give you the amount of protein egg and red meat will give you.

In addition to all these, do some exercises as many times as possible in a week but make sure you spend at least 30-40 minutes. Try at all cost to keep fit all the time! Form the habit of drinking cold water at least ten cups a day.

Eat plain moi moi with various vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and fluted pumpkin leaves. All these will give you good health, fitness and long life. You have the right to chose whatever you want to eat but make sure it is not junk foods.

Health Aspects

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