Healthy Eating Diet Advice for Nigerians


Although I have already given some recommended healthy eating diet advice on this site, I’m much obliged to expand and elaborate some of the healthy eating diets.

Nigeria has different types of fishes including locally harvested and imported such as Mackrel, catfish, herrings; eels, shrimps, prawns; tuna, salmon; cods, as well as sea foods.

Nigerians should endeavour to eat more fishes than meat because, fishes are beneficial to the body.

Fish protein is high in quality and contains sufficient amount of all essential amino acids the body requires for growth and maintenance of lean muscle tissues.

The oil in fishes like mackerels is wonderful. It can equally enrich as well as nourish our brains and skins.

Mackerel - Healthy Eating Diet Advice for Nigerians

Nigerians especially those from Ibo tribes eat a lot of ‘stock fish’-super dried cods imported from Norway. It is called ‘Okporoko!’ Many Ibos can’t resist the urge to eat this kind of fish. To be sincere, no matter how much you boil this cod, it will still come out as hard as some pieces of woods. Some people are of the opinion that it has some food value but I need to be convinced!

However, since eating this type of cod seems traditional to the Ibos, my advice is for them to eat this stuff in moderation. They should try as much as possible to eat fresh fishes as well. Lots of fresh fishes are caught in many Nigerian rivers especially in Calabar Cross River state and Rivers state.

Most importantly, there are now regular supply and sales of fresh fishes ever since the rise of Nigerian home based fish farmers. This industry is growing very fast indeed and fresh fishes are easily available even in the rural areas of the country. An average Nigerian is encouraged to eat these fresh fishes as part of healthy eating diets. The states and Federal governments should equally encourage these home based fish farmers by giving them financial assistances to enable the industry to grow and expand!

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Nigerians as well as many people of the world should eat diets with more fibre and protein!

Fibre is that part of foods or diets that our bodies can’t digest. It is an ideal healthy diet for every human being.

But most importantly, for pregnant and nursing mothers as well as vegetarians; weight-watchers, diabetics and growing up children. Diets rich in fibre have healthy eating qualities second to none!

Vegetables are high in fibre contents. Fibre can be called roughages and the diets that contain them are highly recommended as strong health eating diets!

Fibre helps to keep our bowel movements regular. It helps us to avoid constipation, gall stones as well as diseases such as diabetes. It equally helps to slow down the harmful effects of high cholesterol and most importantly, it helps to reduce our risks of contracting heart diseases.

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An average nigerian cannot possibly avoid eating foods or diets rich in starch and carbohdrates:

Many root vegetables such as yams, carrots, coco-yam, potatoes, turnips; sweet potatoes to mention a few are rich in carbohydrates.

Potatoes are equally very high in starch and have a high glycemic index (the only vegetable with higher one is parsnip.) On the other hand, the carbohydrates in potatoes, is more often turned into sugar and absorbed into the blood. For good healthy eating, you can substitute vegetables like cauliflower for potatoes.

In summary, my healthy eating diet advice is that you should at all cost avoid foods or diets rich in starch and carbohydrates. You should eat less sugar or sugary diets, substitute unsweetened soya bean milk for sweetened sugar content one. If possible, avoid sugar intake at all cost! You should try to eat less fat or fatty diets as these are dangerous to health and can cause all sorts of illness.

Instead of red meat which includes goat, pork, lamb, cow, eat or switch to less fatty such as chicken and fishes. To be sincere, poultry which includes chicken, turkey are better choices for healthy eating but you must remove the skins before eating!

I equally advise you to avoid most fried diets as well as eggs. Nearly all fried foods are bad especially when one is over 40 years old. Overcooked foods and vegetables should be avoided too. Many alcoholic drinks and beverages such as wines, beer, spirits; and liquors contain carbohydrates.

My advice is to switch over to Nigerian fresh fruit juices and you will be happy and young looking all your life!

Always remember to eat more fibre because it is that part of a plant based foods that our bodies need and cannot digest. Choosing and eating fibre content diets is in fact, the beginning of new rewarding healthy eating diets that lead to good health and long life! Eat boiled ugu leaves for healthy eating second to none! Read more about ugu leaves in my recommendation write-up to Nollywood stars!

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