Healthy eating exercises improve healthy eating habits!



This page is a continuation of the previous page entitled "Children and healthy eating"

In the previous page, I explained how disadvantaged the children in the third world are as far as healthy eating are concerned compared with their counterparts in the developed countries of the world.

I also quoted how the Canadians and Canadian Governments have stressed the importance of healthy food, and nutrition for the people of Canada, both the young and the old! They are the best in the world compared with what I have read and observed! I wholeheartedly pray that other nations of the world especially those in Europe and Africa should learn from the Canadians.

Healthy eating exercises involve different ways and means to help our children to eat healthy nutritious foods, have physical exercises that are bound not only to keep them fit, but healthy and enable them to live and enjoy perfect lives.

It is also a way to help them prevent overweight or obesity which can cause all sorts of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and many other types of diseases. It is also a means to improve their healthy eating consciousness and habits.

I am aware of the fact that Nigerian children can not compare favourably with their age mates in the Civilized world as far as nutritious healthy eating are concerned. In that respect, I have the pleasure to stress further the importance of Beans and its extracts such as moi moi and Akara balls! I equally recommend and stress the importance of eating spinach and fluted pumpkin leaves as well as fresh fishes.

What these age mates achieve nutrition wise, you too can achieve them in Nigeria or in any other part of the third world! Eat fruits and vegetables that means your organic fruits and vegetables,drink cold water everyday and you will find that you too can achieve fitness, good health and long life second to none! Nigerian climate is supper and helps you to sweat a lot and avoid obesity. In the long run, you may equally be as healthy as any other guy in the Civilized world!


Parents must encourage their children to eat well, and be active today, tomorrow and all the days of their lives! Eating well or eating healthy diets and being active work together for a healthier child, children or even adults. A child today, will generally be an adult of tomorrow.

Parents should form the habits of eating regular meals with their children and that includes, breakfast, dinner and lunch at week ends.

Parents must also go shopping with their children and form the habits of buying fresh foods, fruits and vegetables. By this method, you will be showing your child or children the importance of eating fresh foods compared with frozen and Fast food junk foods.

Every child must be allowed to eat breakfast before he or she leaves for school in the morning. Some parents are in the habits of giving their children pocket money to buy sweets instead of cooking proper breakfast in the mornings for them.

Parents must ensure that her child's Lunch box must contain healthy and nutritious meal not junk meals. Every child's lunch box must be fortified with fruits and vegetables. ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO EAT WELL SO AS TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE AS WELL AS LIVE LONG!

Eating well and being active with exercises help a child or children to reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and certain types of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer.

Parents must not encourage their children to eat processed foods as well as foods prepared and sold at Fast Foods restaurants. Foods sold at Fast Foods restaurants are unhealthy for the children as well as for the adults. Fast food foods contain hidden amount of sodium which generally surpasses the recommended limit.Excessive sodium is harmful to the children!

Parents should encourage their children to have regular physical exercises every day. The parents must equally participate in indoor games with the children.

The children must be equally encouraged to eat fresh fishes, lean meat,eggs, beans and their various extracts like moi moi to achieve protein and fibre which are very good to their health. The children must be allowed to form the habits of drinking cold water and eating fruits after meals. These constitute healthy eating exercises.

Children and healthy eating

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