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Here we go again! If I say that I ate the type of sandwiches eaten here or in the civilized world when I was in Nigeria, I will be a big liar! I wouldn't know if the Europeans ate sandwiches before the 18th century.

Certainly not until 18th century when one English man called John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich(1718-92)introduced this versatile eating bridge builder called sandwich not only to the English people but to billions of people all over the world!


That guy was a genius! How did he find this you may ask? It was very hard yet very simple since it meant to take two slices of bread and insert anything in between! Even any fool can do it! But before the 18th century nobody could ever think of such. Everybody was preoccupied with wars, seafaring, gambling, slave trades etc.

John Montagu was alleged to be a good gambler and a good Christian but definitely not a "born again Christian!" He used to spend hours on ends gambling and then he discovered that he could sustain himself and renew his strength and energy by eating something. He was a clever man!

Then, like all geniuses, he figured out that if he could insert his cold beef in between two slices of bread, this will not only be juicy but could quench his hunger! And the miracle worked! His fellow gamblers joined, and so were billions of people like you and me who enjoy sandwiches today! Before he could count 100 followers, he was made a Lord the 4th Earl of Sandwich!

In those olden days, it was hard to be given or decorated with honours. Unlike today, honours have not only been waterlogged but saturated to the extent that it means nothing any more! One could get an honour just by spitting on the road. You know what I mean...?

That reminds me of the saying I learnt when I did Economics as a subject. The saying says, I quote, "Multiply all you can, but if all other things are not correspondingly multiplied, the value of the multiplied diminishes!" Yes, Mr John Montagu surely deserved his honourship! I know 18th century was a long time ago and people in Africa and Nigeria in particular never knew anything like sandwiches until the white men invaded Nigeria. Even then, we have started eating sandwiches but not the way that it was practiced in European countries.

It was very clever of my dad when one day, when I was 10 or 11 years old, he gave me a small loaf of bread and broke it into two and inserted Akara balls in between the halves. I enjoyed eating it and when I went to secondary school, I became fond of inserting akara inside bread. My fellow students joined me in the practice but little did we know the name or the practice as sandwich.

What is the real meaning of sandwiches or how is sandwich defined? Sandwich is defined as the art of inserting meat, cheese, ham, jam; or any other type of fillings in between two slices of bread!

The good thing about sandwiches is the fact that there is no hard and fast rule of making it. In fact, its versatality have given it the huge success it had earned ever since the 4th Earl introduced it. There are hundred types of sandwiches that are eaten in every part of the planet called earth today!

How does any one with sane mind think of enumerating the types and kinds prepared and eaten in any given part of the world, from USA, Europe, Japan, China; Russia, Nigeria, South Africa to India to mention a few! God bless you honourable barron and Earl John Montagu Esq!

For healthy eating sake, I'm forced to name a few healthy eating sandwiches. Like I have always said, simple diet makes the differenc! Simple diets are healthy diets so keep it simple if you want to avoid obesity.

When I see the type of sandwiches the Americans eat, I wonder if they ever think of obesity as a disease. The piles and piles of those junk fillings can make you feel bad! You can make your sandwiches which ever way you like but my advice is to have fillings such as cucumber, lettuce,tomatoes and boiled egg inserted in between your slices always. You can avoid creams as much as possible. Many of those creams are heavily processed and they can be bad for your health.

I have seen there are so many people all over the world who can't even make their own sandwiches! They always buy stale sandwiches and many have contracted many diseases without knowing. Yes stale sandwiches are sold all over the world. The best way to eat healthy sandwich is to make it yourself! I have never eaten sandwiches made by another person except my wife!

I have to end this article by revealing my favourite type of sandwich fillings which are as follows: Grilled Streaky bacon, boiled egg, lettuce,fresh tomatoes,and margarine spread. Sometimes, I add baked beans and cucumber.

Oh, the bread must be toasted! Healthy sandwich recipes should be eaten by all the people who really care about their eating habits and their healthy body, good life and fitness! Make your sandwich the way you like, insert any type of fillings you enjoy but make sure that your fillings are fresh and constitute a healthy eating meal.

I would welcome your comments after reading this article but please make your comments juicy and long. Healthy eating ideas

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