Healthy Soup Recipes from Nigeria - Edika-Ekong Soup

Nigeria has so much to offer, including healthy soup recipes. What to think of Edika-ekong soup, which was regarded as the soup of love and peace, the soup of the gods, witches and wizards; the kings and lovers, reputed to be love potion, addictive, expensive, aphrodisiac... and the mother of all Nigerian healthy eating soups!

Who could believe that a soup would be described as such? I’m going to take you a few more degrees higher!

If you have not cooked or eaten Edika-ekong soup, then you have not experienced the best of the best Nigerian healthy soup recipes!

There are many secrets, myths, fables; mysteries and aura surrounding this special soup! If you have eaten it, when next you eat or cook one, find out if you are sharing it with the gods as well!

Is Edika-ekong soup real, a myth, factual or fictional one may ask?

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The original healthy soup recipe for edika-ekong soup!!

Fresh green vegetables:
1. Large quantity of fluted pumpkin (Ugu) leaves
2. Large quantity of spinach leaves
3. Large quantity of water cress
4. Large quantity of water leaves
5. Large quantity of sweet potato leaves
6. Large quantity of pumpkin leaves
7. Small quantity of bitter leaves
8. Small quantity of (Utasi) leaves
All the leaves thoroughly washed and shredded or cut into small pieces!

Fresh meat:
1. Several pieces of goat meat
2. Several pieces of chicken
3. Several pieces of goat liver
4. Seven pieces of chicken gizzards
5. Several pieces of canda (pormo)
6. Several pieces of bush meat
7. Several pieces of oxtail
8. Several pieces of tripes
9. Shredded pieces of duck, geese and guinea fowls.

Fishes: fresh and dry
1. Several chunks of fresh fishes
2. Several pieces of shrimps
3. Several pieces of prawns
4. Several pieces of crabs and lobster
5. Several pieces of stock fish
6. Several pieces of dried fishes
7. Large quantities of ground or shredded crayfish

1.Several quantities of big snails
2. Several quantities of small snails
3. Several quantities of periwinkles (Isam)

Fresh spices, condiments and seasonings:
1. Special sacred herbs ground on (stone grinder)
2. Special sacred roots ground on (stone grinder)
3. One fresh bitter kola nut ground on (stone grinder)
4. Garden eggs ground on (stone grinder)
5. Fresh tomatoes ground on (stone grinder)
6. Fresh chilli pepper ground on (stone grinder)
7 small quantity of onions cut into pieces
8. Large quantity of Egusi (Mellon seeds ground on (stone grinder)
9. Large quantity of local harvested mushroom
10. Small quantity of (Ogbono to help to thicken) ground on (stone grinder)
11. Small quantity of (Utasi) ground on (stone grinder)
12. Small quantity o fermented gound mellon seeds paste (ogiri)
13. Palm oil (home made oil extracted from the nuts)
14. Three spoonful of table salt

Next step in this healthy soup recipe...

Cooking: large cooking pot!

Once the large cooking pot is rested on three legged stand, or on stone stands the fire woods are inserted in between the three legged stands.

1. Add small quantity of water and let it boil.

2. Add all the pieces of meat, stock fishes, snails, pormo etc.

3. Add all the vegetables, sliced onions, herbs, roots mushrooms, egusi, ogbono, fresh tomatoes and chilli pepper after 30 minutes and stir intermittently.

4. Add various spices and seasonings as well as salt and continue to stir intermittently until the soup is totally cooked. You can smell the sweet aroma oozing out from the pot.

The small quantity of water you added with the water from the vegetables will automatically form the sauce. Once the cooking has been completed, depending on how many people that will participate in the eating, you can start to dish out the most expensive and the mother of all Nigerian healthy eating soup! The choice is all yours on what type of food you are going to eat it with starts from pounded yam, amala,eba,akpu; ground rice,etc;

The famous and expensive edika-ekong soup:

The story of Edika-ekong healthy soup recipe is a verbatim narration as my father narrated it to me. My father was a sage and an herbalist. He had many friends including herbalists who are indigenes of Cross river state and other sister states. As far as I knew, he lived in Cameroon with many people who were equally born and bred in Calabar. Some of the stories may not be substantiated but I’m sure that most of the stories may be 85%-90% true and the recipe are equally real and believable.

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In spite of my father’s story, I did my research as well regarding the ancient edika-ekong healthy soup recipe. However, if any of my readers have any story contrary to this write up, I would be much obliged to read or hear it! I visited ‘Obudu cattle ranch’ as it was then called in 1981. I was shocked to learn of the names of the hills my father mentioned in his story. There is a hill I thought my father called “Azundu” which I found is “Azumbu!”

Edika-ekong is a soup every food, hotel and catering or cookery schools, colleges and universities should not only research ont but teach how to cook it to their students. Edika-ekong has always been a challenge to housewives as well as to some professional food and drink industries. It's a healthy soup recipes anyone should know.

It will be wonderful to see students of cookery compete to cook this marathon soup in various colleges and universities in Nigeria and the world at large! It will augur well in various food and catering colleges and universities in Nigeria to compete for “THE CHAIR OF EDIKA-EKONG SOUP! I WILL BE PLEASED TO WELCOME ANY COMMENT OR COMMENTS.

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