Juice aids sleep and constitute a perfect bed time drink!



As I have already written, 'Carry on juicing' for vitality, youthfulness, healing, and for better health!

If you have health problems such as sleeplessness or lack of sleep, say no more, groan no more because you will soon discover that fresh fruit juice from Cherry in particular will surely aid you to sleep like a baby! This is not an idle boast but a fact!

If I were in your shoes, I would jump up and shout 'Eureka! Yes, you are now on the threshold of finding relief and possible cure for your sleeplessness! You are about to find an answer and solution to your lack of sleep.

Many people who have tried drinking the Cherry juices as bed time drink instead of Cocoa or chocolate have found wonderful results. Yes, they have said goodbye to hot chocolates for bedtime.


Scientists from the University of Northumbria have shown that Volunteers who consumed a tart Cherry juice for 7 days had higher levels of melatonin, a chemical that regulates our sleep cycle.

"If you are juicing on your own, they advised, the Cherries must be tart varieties such as Montmorency"

Cherry juice is gradually and definitely becoming a wonder beverage. A new study has shown that a concentrated Cherry juice can improve the amount and quality of sleep we get.

"These research scientists at the Northumbria University as learned, gave 20 healthy Volunteers a 30ml serving of Cherry Active cherry juice, twice a day for 7 days, with each 30ml serving containing the equivalent of 90-tart Montmorency cherries"

The subjects had a 15-16% increase in their levels of melatonin-the hormone that regulates sleep-plus an extra 25 minutes total sleep time and 5-6 increase in "Sleep efficiency" when compared with the placebo groups."

Dr Jason Ellis, director of the centre for 'Sleep Research' said: "What makes these findings exciting is that the Melatonin contained in the tart cherry juice is sufficient to elicit a healthy sleep response. He went on, "These results provide us with more evidence surrounding the relationship between how we sleep and what we consume."

There are many other positive research results which unfortunately I'm not able to include here. You can read and find more from books and researches by some eminent scientists.

You need Tart Montmorency cherries to start with.They are available and sold in many supper markets and some grocery shops. You must be careful when juicing. You must have it highly concentrated. I wouldn't advised adding water, sugar or any unwanted sweetener.

Juicing is great when it is concentrated from fresh fruits. If you want to detox the fruit, you can do so simply by washing the fruits to be juiced in water with few drops of white Vinegar added to the bowl.

The great thing about juicing is the fact that you have to drink all the same day. Let there be no leftovers! Don't even store in the fridge for over night. If you do, you will not only lose the rhythm of the dance of juicing but will find that it will go off and become slimy and undrinkable! Happy juicing!

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