Juices are blood purifiers are extracted from some fruits!



I feel deeply excited writing articles like this. The reason is that I am always confronted with the Great Omnipotent and Omniscient God and what he has made available to all of us in relieving, healing and curing some of our illness.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not but I'm deeply grateful to him for making these fruits and vegetables available to us. In the beginning, He never really designed that we should be ill at all in the first place!

Even when he found how porous, shallow and evil minded we are, he created these fruits, plants, herbs and vegetables and their juices to heal and cure our ill healths. How kind,thoughtful, forgiving and merciful is this Our Great Lord I ask? Some people might be persuaded to ask what has God got to do with this article? To such people, my answer is a Lot!

We all take the fresh fruits and their juices we eat and drink for granted without knowing how curative the two are in solving most of our health problems! Say it loud God is a Great God indeed!


WHEAT GRASS: Wheat grass is excellent in eliminating waste products and toxins from the blood and body. It contains chlorophyll which is very effective substance that nature has provided to cleanse the blood.

LEMON JUICE: Naturally, lemon juice is an excellent blood purifier.

POMEGRANATE JUICE: This is excitedly the mother of all healing and curing juices as well as blood purifier! Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants including polyphenols such as tannins and anthocyanins.

It is super effective in combating free radicals and preventing a lot of diseases in our body including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, infertility, hemorrhoid's; premature aging, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, cancer and prostrate problems.

MANGO JUICE: Mango juices has little or no calories and zero fat.It has vitamins A, C, B; Potassium and many other important nutrients. Mixed with ginger juice is used in some part of India as blood purifier.

ELDERBERRY JUICE: This is an excellent blood purifier.

DARK GRAPE JUICE: Dark grape juice devoid of any sugar helps purify blood and increase hemoglobin content in blood.

GARLIC JUICE: Garlic juice is naturally a blood purifier but remember that Garlic has a very powerful odor that may not be liked by your friends and relatives. Over eating or drinking the juice may make you anti-social without you knowing of it.

Other notable juices that are blood purifiers are from fruits and vegetables such as Blackberry, Beet, Black Cherry; Tomato, Parsley and Alfalfa.

Juice extraction is not as easy as it sounds, I must advise you. You can do juice extraction by using blender and adding water. However, the best juice extractors are various Juicing or Juicer machines which can comfortably juice various fruits and raw vegetables at a time without trouble. If you have a good machine, juicing will not only be fun but exciting and a good health investment.

There are many juicing machines and the good ones cost between £100-£200. They are available in the Internet as well as in top shops like Tesco, Morrison and Kingsway shops in Nigeria.

I found some of my readers from Nigeria ask me where to buy some of the raw vegetables and fresh fruits. I have always been in Nigeria at least three times a year. Every food, fruits, vegetables I write about or recommend are found in Nigeria! My advise once again is to buy a good juicing machine not a cheap one. Juicing can be hard and messy if you buy a cheap machine. Carry on juicing for your health and fitness sake!

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