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Common cold is literally classified 'Common' because it can affect as many people as possible any time, anywhere in the world! Some people, depending on environment, can catch the disease more than five times in a year.

It is believed that over 200 viruses can cause the common cold.


A cold is defined as "a contagious viral disease which infects the upper respiratory tract. There are over two hundred viruses that can cause the common cold which is why people can catch colds again and again. Most people will catch a cold two to four times a year, and they are much more common during the winter months" and during rainy season in the the tropical countries.


In most cases, symptoms of common cold appear within one or two days of being infected by the virus and last for about a week or more in some cases.

Medical researchers found that the cold virus tends to attach itself to the soft, warm surfaces of the nose, throat and sinuses and hence, this is where the symptoms of the cold normally occur. The first symptom is often an irritation or soreness in the throat.

The main symptom of cold in both adult and older children as follows: A blocked nose, cough, headaches; sneezing, runny nose, feeling lethargic; earache, muscle pain and sinus pain.

"For younger children and infants, they may be affected by fever,swollen glands,problem feeding and being restless or uncomfortable"


Medical scientists and researchers are of the opinion that majority of colds are caused by 'Rhino viruses' which are found in invisible droplets of air that are breathed in or land on objects that are touched or picked up. There are more that one hundred different rhinoviruses that can make their way into the lining of the throat or nose.

They trigger an immune system reaction which causes the symptoms of sore throat, headache and other common cold symptoms. You can catch the cold very easily. They are at their most contagious during the first two days to four days after the symptoms appear on some of the vulnerable parts of the body like nose.

Colds are spread by virus particles in the air which are distributed by such actions as sneezing or coughing! One can easily catch cold through close personal contacts or indirect contact with the sufferer. It is very infectious!

For example, if people suffering or with a common cold touches their nose or mouth, thousands of virus particles are transferred onto their skin.When they touch an object such as a door handle or chair, they leave or deposit virus particles behind.

The next person to touch the object will definitely catch the cold! You can see how sensitive the virus can be. That is why people should always wash their hands after traveling in a bus or taxi before they eat. Be hygienic and avoid these infectious diseases!


Unfortunately, there are no medication as of today that can visibly cure common cold but there are numerous remedies which includes some exotic fruit juices.It is worse, you learn that Antibiotics which kill some bacteria does not have much effect on common cold viruses.

If the common cold causes symptoms such as muscle pains, headaches,and sore throat, you can take pain killers such as paracetamols, or ibuprofen to lessen the effects etc.

Under these circumstances, you can resort to the help fresh fruits can offer you.

PINEAPPLE JUICE: Pineapples are rich in vitamin C and they help to break down the mucus. In that case, pineapple juice is an excellent remedy for cold.

LEMON JUICE: Lemon juice are rich in vitamin C and it is an important home remedy for common cold. All you have to do is to mix it with honey and warm water and keep sipping it for immediate relief. You can mix ginger with lemon for scratchy throat.

POMEGRANATE JUICE: pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants and boosts the body's immunity to fight against common cold.

LIME JUICE: Lime juice is rich in vitamin C and added to honey,to relieve cold symptoms. Lime juice can also be added to coconut milk to relieve chest congestion.

ORANGE JUICE: Orange juice also contains vitamin C and this is effective in common cold relief.

GARLIC JUICE: Garlic contains antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. The oils in garlic help open up the respiratory passages and is very effective in the treatment of common cold.

APPLE JUICE: Apple juice helps to relieve congestion and running nose.

GINGER JUICE: Ginger juice provides excellent relief for cough and cold. Mix fresh ginger juice with honey and take a tablespoon every few hours.

There are many other fruit juices you can use such as Water cress, Parsley, Cherry, Dark red grapes.

I must warn you that juicing or extracting fresh juices from fruits are not as easy as it sounds! Fruit juices extractions are or can be easy only if you have the right extractor machine.

I'm talking from experience. It is not easy.If you are determined and really want to extract as much juices as possible, you must buy juicer machines. They can be bought from the internet or from Argos and Kigsway shops in many third world countries including Nigeria.

A good one that can juice three or four apples at a time may cost as much as £100!Those costing over £100 are better investments because they can give you several glasses of assorted juices at the shortest possible time.

When I started juicing, I bought an inferior one that could not juice a whole apple at a time. It nearly put me off juicing!

Juicing is for relief, for healing and possible cure for you and for members of your families. I should encourage you to invest in a a good solid juicing machine for your health and fitness sake! You can't buy your life but a good juicing machine will do a lot for you and your family! Go for it and carry on juicing!

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