Juices for anemia provide excellent relief for sufferers!



Anemia is defined by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as, "(Lack of blood) is a decrease in number of red blood cells (RBC) or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood". However, it can include decreased oxygen-binding ability of each hemoglobin molecule due to deformity or lack in numerical development as in some other types of hemoglobin deficiency."

It went on, "Because hemoglobin(found inside RBCs)normally carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, anemia leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in organs. Since all human cells depend on oxygen for survival, varying degrees of anemia can have a wide range of clinical consequences."

Anemia is considered as the most common disorder of the blood. There are several kinds of anemia, produced by a variety of underlying causes.Anemia can be classified in in a variety of ways, based on the morphology of RBC, underling etiologic mechanisms, and discernible clinical spectra, to mention a few."

However, the three main classes of anemia include excessive blood loss (Acutely such as a hemorrhage or chronically through low-volume loss), excessive blood cell destruction(hemolysis) or deficient red blood cell production (ineffective hematopoiesis)"

You can read more of these definitions from some medical books and dictionaries. Anemia is regarded as a silent killer because people can be anemic or be suffering from anemia without knowing what they are suffering from. In countries like Nigeria, it will take lots of medical tests and money to diagnose this silent killer.

In an average Nigerian medical clinic,or hospital, the first diagnosis will be "Tyford and Malaria!" The doctor would not mind treating the person for Tyford and Malaria till the person dies! Should anybody suggest 'Anemia' the doctor will then open his eyes well and demand N200,000-N250,000 for treatment.

He knows that the patient hasn't got that kind of money, but he doesn't care! No money, no treatment! "Half money, or charges, half Treatment!

If the patient sells everything he has including landed properties and come up with something like N100,000, the patient must surely die because, some of these doctors will stop at nothing unless, the patient pays that full amount of N200-N250,000!

On the other hand,the doctor will never give the patient the right amount of care and treatment the patient requires even though he forked out that 'bleeding' sum of N100,000! The doctor will give him half treatment and will never bulge until the patient dies!

Yes, this type of affair happens regularly in Nigerian clinics and hospitals as well as in most third world countries! Life can be so cheap in Nigeria and in some of these third world countries and it is not only a shame but a sad situation!

Yes, in a country like Nigeria, money determines whether you will reach your 20th birthday if you are sick. If the parents cant pay up, that young man or young lady must surely die of professional negligence! Do you blame the young men and women running away from their counties of birth to go and settle in foreign countries?

Anemic pregnant women are destined to die with their babies in many Nigerian hospitals and clinics. Most medical clinics and hospitals are owned by individuals.

Even the so called Government owned hospitals, anemic pregnant women and their babies die more than in the private clinics and hospitals. Upon all the billions of dollars (oil revenues) Nigeria receives every minute in Nigeria, you can never boast of any safe and well equipped hospitals in Nigeria! It is another sad note!

Medical treatment is even worse in Nigerian Government hospitals because you have to bribe to your teeth to receive treatment for minor illness. Pregnant mothers and their babies are still dying in droves as I write this article! The so called members of the Senates and various members of the Houses of Representatives and assembly are busy stuffing their bags and any hole within reach with looted Nigerian Nira, dollars and pound sterling. Who cares if anemic pregnant mothers are dying or not?


Anemia can go undetermined or found out in many people over the years. Those who may be lucky and have the money to cure themselves can survive but those who haven't the money are surely to die. Generally, the symptoms can be minor or vague. The signs and symptoms can be related to the anemia itself, or the underlying cause.

"Most commonly, people with anemia report non-specific symptoms of feeling of weakness, or fatigue,general malaise and sometimes poor concentration. They equally report of dyspnea (Shortness of breath) on exertion"

In very severe anemia, the body may compensate for the lack of oxygen-carrying capability of the blood by increasing cardiac output. The patient may have symptoms related to this, such as palpitations,angina (if preexisting heart disease is present),intermittent claudication of the legs, and symptoms of heart failure.

Other symptoms may include restless legs syndrome and this is more common in those with iron-deficiency anemia.

Less common symptoms may include swelling of the legs or arms, chronic heartburn, vague bruises, vomiting, increased sweating and blood in stool.

With reference with all I have written, I therefore introduce a kind of self-help relief for those suffering from anemia.

This self-help is in the form of drinking juices of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. They can be very helpful indeed.This does not mean that you will not seek medical attention from private or Government medical practitioners whenever you suspect you have anemia or about to be anemic.


POMEGRANATE JUICE: Pomegranate juice is excellent for anemia. Mix it with some honey and ground Cinnamon and drink it to get good results.

In addition, Pomegranate juice has the highest levels of poly-phenol antioxidants and is super effective in combating free radicals and preventing a lot of diseases in our body including heart disease, hypertension,hemorrhoid's, stroke, infertility, premature aging, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, cancer, prostrate problems and so on.

Other fruit juices and vegetables include Parsley, Blackberry and Grape juices.

I must warn you that juicing is not as simple as it looks. But it can be done and millions of people all over the world who want alternative treatments are doing it. Why not you?

For good health and fitness sake join others and juice as well as pray. A good juicing machine costs as much as between £100-£150. A good machine has many advantages because it will not only juice more than three types of large quantity of juices but will definitely relieve most of your illness.

If you find juicing Pomegranate fruit difficult juicing, buy a concentrated bottled one from health shops and mix it with freshly squeezed juices like lime,lemon, mint and crushed ice. So carry on juicing!

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