Juices for sinus relief are easily available from fresh fruits and vegetables!

There are many natural ways to relieve sinus disorders and most of these remedies are obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. There are many people who can't drink medicines or apply any sort of medication for so many reasons especially religious reasons.

Of course for sinus relief, you are mostly be told to drink sufficient water or any other type of fluids to clear the congestion.

However, in those golden olden days, you would be surprised to know that our forefathers never had chemists, pharmcists or hospitals so they had series of illness healed through eating and drinking natural juices from fruits and vegetables.

Some medications bought over the counter can most of the time have some unknown side-effects but natural juices do not have any side-effects at all!  Carry on juicing!

Before I go on to introduce the juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, I must first, give you a description of Sinus.

Description of Sinus/Sinus problems:   Sinus and sinus problems generally occur  mostly when inflammation  develops in the nasal passage. As a result of this inflammation, sufferers are subjected to symptoms such as nasal congestion, sore throat, jaw pains, facial tenderness; and headaches.However, both sinus and stuffy nose are similar to some extent and can be relieved by drinking natural juices from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetable juices to relive sinuses: 

Pineapple juices:  Pineapple juices are very effective in relieving  sinus because it contains Bromelian which helps  to break down and dissolve excess mucus and provide relief for sinus   and also help to suppress annoying coughs and loosen mucus. Pineapple fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, fibre and vitamin C and it is also low in fat. The pineapple juices have the tendency to fight the inflammation and nasal congestion.

Apple juices:  Apple fruit is  one of the healthiest fruits  existing. It contains vitamin C which enhances the immune system as well as anti-oxidants that help clean and protect the various systems of the body. Drinking a glass of apple juice is not only wonderful but healthy. Most importantly, it helps keep  the brain in excellent condition by preventing diseases like Alzheimer's.

A glass of apple juice is heavily packed with important nutrients that not only help relieve your cancer, can also save you from the risks of cancer, diabetes, lung problems and so on. Form the habit of drinking apple juices as often as possible whether you have sinus or not!

Tomato juices: Tomato juice is rich in Vitamins C and vitamin A as well as vitamin B complex. These are essential for developing healthy nerves, immune system, healthy skin, healthy digestive system and have the potentials to relieve sinuses.

Other fruits and vegetable juices capable of relieving sinuses are as follows: Blueberry , Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Red grapes and spinach juices.Once again, I advise you to form the habit of drinking these juices not only for the relief of sinuses but equally for good health and long life.  Healthy eating diet advice!

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