Juices healthy hair help to prevent premature graying!



My mother used to say in our local pidgin English that "Hair maketh a woman" It took me many years before I could ask her to explain by that pidgin English phrase.

She laughed, cleared her throat and muttered a few incoherent words but I persisted that she should explain to me the meaning. She went to to explain. She asked me if I had seen a pretty or beautiful girl or lady before?

I replied that I had seen many. "Those pretty and beautiful girls,you have seen, have they got their hair on their heads?" she asked. "Of course, they all had their hairs on" I responded.

"Without wasting much of your time son, a woman's beauty must correspond with her hair or the style of her hair because a woman without hair is as good looking as a dodo or a vulture!" she vehemently quipped.

That's not true!" I yelled. However, she tried to convince me that a woman without hair looks like a man and as such can never be classified or regarded as a beautiful or pretty woman. That may be her opinion or understanding. I believe a woman can still look beautiful and pretty with or without any hair on her head.

What my mother tried to say was that in reality every woman needs hair on her head to be beautiful and pretty.

We all know how important our hair are. That is why many women spend fortunes or large amount of money to do their hair every week or two. They have equally made hairdressing salon owners very rich. The hairdressing industries have thrived beyond so many industries in comparison.

For some women,Looking after their hair is as much important as breathing! Men of course under go expensive hair grooming too. Men hairdressers are as rich as women hairdressers.

My mother may be right, you can quickly know that a woman or even a person is growing old through the grey hair on her or his head. A head full of grey hairs will automatically betray any woman or man even though he may try to look young by dying their hair.

To have a healthy hair, you need to spend not only money but do everything humanly possible tom maintain a healthy hair.To achieve that,there are many fruits and vegetable juices that are bound to help you.

CUCUMBER JUICE: Cucumber is rich in silica, a mineral which strengthens the connective tissue in hair and hence prevent hair breakage.

SPINACH JUICE: Spinach juice has tons of vitamin A and iron which is essential for healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

BLACKCURRANT JUICE: This has essential nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

CURRY LEAF JUICE:Curry leaves are rich in iron and has properties to prevent premature graying of hair and hair loss.

TENDER COCO JUICE: Coconut helps to prevent premature graying of hair and also lessens hair fall. It also helps keep the body cool which also may prevent hair loss.

CARROT JUICE: Carrot juice contains vitamins A as well as potassium which keeps the cells in the body well-hydrated.

Extracting juices from some fresh fruits and vegetables are easy in comparison. I must point out that juicing or extracting juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are not as easy as it sounds.

However, to make juicing easy and exciting you have to buy some juicer machines. Some of the machines can juice several fruits together but these can cost from £100- £200. To be sincere, they constitute worthwhile investment. My advice is go for them and carry on juicing!

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