Juices natural pain killer are obtained from fresh fruits!



Surprisingly, there are several fruits and vegetable juices that act and are natural pain killers. Our forefathers and even the primitive cave men over thousands of years ago have successfully used them to relieve most of their pains most especially 'Tooth pains!'

Many of the juices are from the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday but we take them for granted. Yes, little did we realise the healing and pain killing potency in these fruits and vegetable juices. After reading this article, you will be persuaded not to run to the doctors without first trying out these pain killing natural remedies.


CHERRY JUICE: Cherry juice is so wonderful in relieving and curing pains. Most importantly, Cherry juice can equally aid you to sleep. You know naturally, any medication or substance that can make you sleep can as well relieve or possibly cure even your most excruciating pains! If you can sleep during a sudden bout attacks of pains, you will find that when you wake, if all things are equal, your pains will definitely disappear!

However, Tart Cherry juice are more reliable and dependable in not only acting as aid to sleep but relieving pains no matter how stubborn and strong that pain may be!

BLUEBERRY JUICE: Blueberry juice are powerful antioxidants and contain "Anthocyanins" which is the pigment that gives the fruit its dark blue colour. The darker, deeper blue fruits have the highest anthocynin values, thereby, contributing the most potent antioxidant source. These help to protect the cells from oxidative damage that leads to aging and various diseases.

PINEAPPLE JUICE: Pineapple juice are rich in vitamins C and they help break down the mucus especially when one has Common cold or any other painful illness. Pineapple juice is excellent in pain relieving.

GINGER JUICE: Ginger juice is excellent in relieving pains especially if you mix it with honey. This can equally relieve pains associated with common cold or similar illness.

PERSIMMON JUICE: Persimmon juice is a natural energizer and contains Vitamins C and very good in boosting our immune system and hence excellent in relieving pains associated with cold and common cold.

Other natural pain killer juices are extracted from fruits such as Blackberry, Raspberry,ans Strawberry.

These are easily juiced with grinders with added water but if this fails, buy juicing machines. They worth the investment. Carry on juicing!

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