juices relieve headaches do equally relieve migraine!



Headaches and migraine are regarded as one of the nuisance illness in the world as much as common cold. However, we must understand that most of the headaches don't come without reasons.

There are those blinding headaches that can stop you from eating or drinking. Or, refuse to give you the freedom to enjoy life as you would prefer. Such headaches can make you really miserable and depressed. These can become chronic and possibly graduate into Migraine.

Chronic headaches and migraine can most of the time come or exist because you have, let's say, "Bad Eyesight" which need to be corrected and cured. Or perhaps, your eyes need some lubrication or medical glasses. Perhaps, your eyes are infected by eye diseases such as Glaucoma. If you have chronic headaches as such, all you need is to see your medical adviser or GP. Once your eyes are tested and found that you need glasses, you are almost half cured of your chronic headache or migraine. Your headaches and migraine can be fully cured once you have a pair of glasses in use.

Other causes of chronic headaches and migraine are "Tooth Decays!" This is why you should take proper care of your teeth. A tooth decay can affect your body and bring about your chronic headaches and migraine. I have been there and I'm telling you from experience!

So when next you complain of headaches and migraine first above all, check your "Eyesight and your Tooth" If all are OK and receive good health clearance, then go for Fruit juices for relief and possible cures!


GRAPE JUICE: Grape juices act as effective home remedy for migraine headaches but the juice that is used for cure is the juice of the red grapes. All you have to do is add this juice to your daily use without adding any sweetener or sugar.

CARROT JUICE: Carrot juice is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential element that creates healthy tissues and is perfect in helping with your vision. It also contains other important vitamins such as potassium which is known to keep the cells in the body well-hydrated.

ORANGE JUICE: orange juices can get rid of of toxins in the body that cause headaches and in addition, it will reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke and it is indeed super healthy juice.

CUCUMBER JUICE: Cucumber juice helps remedy headaches.

CELERY JUICE: Celery juice helps relieve migraine.

SPINACH JUICE: Spinach juice, regular intake of this juice helps to relieve chronic headaches.

Other healthy juices used in relieving and curing headaches and migraine are as follows: Cabbage juice, Beet juice, Warm apple juice; Tart Cherry juice, Lemon Juice and Mangosteen juice.

MAGNESIUM RELIEVE AND CURE YOUR HEADACHES: "Magnesium, the mineral commonly known as 'nature's tranquilizer', may have a preventative role in headaches.

Several studies of migraine sufferers have shown them to be deficient in magnesium and there is evidence that supplementing may help reduce the severity of headaches. It is believed that magnesium alters the brain structures and chemicals that cause headaches. Magnesium-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds"

Remember not to over drink the juices. Everything in moderation! Please don't drink any leftovers. The beauty of juicing is drinking it fresh and leaving no leftovers. Carry on juicing for dignity, fitness, good health and long life!

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