Juices relieve stress are found in fruits and vegetables!



Stress is now becoming one of the causes of death in this so-called modern time than some well known diseases. In fact, stress is gradually becoming an epidemic! There are many causes of stresses and a few of them are as follows: our lifestyle, our work, environment, unemployment, overweight or obesity to mention a few.

I'm glad to quote an article I read in 'Your health living magazine' it states, I quote; "in fact, stress can dramatically increase cholesterol levels in the blood as the liver works harder to meet energy needs.

One study published in the British Heart Journal showed that men who had experienced an episode of severe anger were 15 times more likely to die of a heart attack in the following hour!"

The article, had another addition,which states: " Stress can also use up great quantities of antioxidants in the body that are required to to protect against oxidation of the bod's cells and tissues" These antioxidants tend to work together as part of antioxidant cycling: Vitamin C can recycle vitamin E, which in turn is carefully recycled by red blood cells as it is so important"

Many Scientists and researchers are now gradually believing that Stress are likely to kill people more than the 'Bad cholesterol!' THE FRUITS AND JUICES TO RELIEVE STRESS:

There are now many diets as well as juices to relieve stresses.

ORANGE FRUIT AND ITS JUICES: Say it loud, Orange fruit and its fresh extracted juices are found to contain Vitamins C and have potent powers to relieve stresses.

DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES LIKE SPINACH, BROCCOLI AND NUTS LIKE BRAZIL NUTS: These vegetables and their juices are also very important in relieving stresses because they contain folic acid, selenium, and antioxidants.

ONIONS, TOMATOES AND BROCCOLI: These fruits and their juices are potent antioxidants too and have tremendous powers in relieving stress.

CARROT JUICES: Carrot juice is famously noted to for its richness in vitamins A content.As you have known, Vitamin A is an essential element that creates healthy tissues and is perfect in helping our vision. It also contain vitamin such as potassium which keeps the cells in the body well-hydrated.

TOMATO JUICE: Tomato juice is a healthy juice rich in vitamin A and C as well as vitamin B complex.These are essential for developing healthy nerves, immune system, healthy and young-looking skin, and healthy digestive system among others.

Other fruit juices that have the tendency to relieve stress are from Coriander, Broccoli, and Celery.

These fruits and vegetables are easily juiced compared with some other fruits. So carry on juicing!

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