Loose weight with Brussels sprouts within weeks!



It sounds unbelievable but it is true that one can loose weight with Brussels sprouts and most importantly,gain wonderful good health through eating Brussels sprouts too.

I have researched and written so much about Brussels sprouts and their nutritional, and health benefits. I'm excited about what this special vegetable can do for mankind! I'm not the only person who have found the multiplicity of values Brussels sprouts possess.

Experts have been writing about eating the vegetable as a means of loosing weight and for the little I have tried it, I can humanly assert and agree with them that one can equally loose weight as well as gain some substantial healthy benefits from eating them.


I have to give you a simple direction by suggesting what you will eat for example at Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.The wonderful thing with loosing weight Brussels sprouts is that you do not have to eat hundreds of the stuff, nor twenty per day to achieve results!

Another exciting aspect again is that you can always eat the Vegetables with meat, with, chicken, with fish, with moi, moi, with assorted vegetables and still achieve weight loss! You loose weight with grace! You need not kill yourself by starving or dieting which is harmful to your health.


Start your breakfast by eating and drinking what you have been used to eat or drink as long they are light. I don't need to suggest what you normally eat or drink during breakfast. You know yourself better than I do.What is compulsory here is cold Water and an apple or any fruit.


Very easy! Half boil about 5 fresh or light frozen Brussels sprouts. You can cut them into two halves and boil for 5 minutes, or steam for 5 minutes. If frozen, boil or steam for 10 minutes. Then eat with gravy, butter, mushroom, broccoli; carrot, runner beans, avocado pears; braised chicken breast, fish or small quantity of lean meat.

Keep the meal as light and simple as possible. Never over boil or over steam the vegetable! Compulsory: Drink a large glass of cold water, eat one or two types of fruits fresh or dried.


Very Easy again! All you need is to boil or steam 5 Brussels sprouts and eat them with any combination of vegetables, meat, poultry and fish as little as you can. You have all the ability to make any choice of what you want to cook, boil or eat the Brussels sprouts with.

Compulsory: You must have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You must eat fruits in short, large portions of fruits and vegetables every day at least Monday to Friday! You can choose and eat whatever you want to eat during week ends. In fact, that is all it takes to loose weight with Brussels sprouts!


1...Weight Loss; They help you more than many other vegetables to loose weight, and equally gain good health.

2...Cholesterol: Eating Brussels sprouts lowers your Cholesterol

3...Alzhemier/Dimentia: Eating Brussels sprouts prevent and slow down the above diseases.

4...Cancers: Eating Brussels sprouts prevents colon, breast, lung; prostate, Ovarian and bladder cancers.

5...Folic Acid: Provides folic acid for pregnant mothers.

6...Cardiovascular or Heart: protects you from various heart problems.

7...Vitamins: Brussels sprouts are loaded with Vitamin K, C, A, E; B1, B6 and are Antioxidant.

8..Nutritional Benefits: Rich in protein, dietary fibre, minerals,iron,calcium, copper,potassium; manganese,

9...Heart Rate and Blood pressure: Cures numerous health problems Helps to control Heart Rate, and Blood pressure by countering effects of sodium.

10...Low calories: Brussels sprouts have low calories and that is about 10 calories per bud.Excellent for weight loss (100g of sprouts (5-7) about 47 calories. 142% RDA and 3.8 Dietary fibre.

Health Aspects

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