The medicinal values of fluted pumpkin leaves are too great!



This is a continuation of the previous article "NIGERIAN FLUTED PUMPKIN LEAVES"

Many researches as to the medicinal values of fluted pumpkin leaves had been made by prominent, eminent and dedicated Nigerian scholars in Nigerian Universities!

Their findings are so rich and can astound many Nigerian eaters of these wonderful leaves. To be sincere, we Nigerians take the medicinal values of these Ugu leaves for granted. Most of us are ignorant of the values and let it remain at that!

One reporter Chukuma Muanya reported in the Guardian Newspaper of 1/11/07 on how a meal of fluted pumpkin (ugu)leaves and seeds could be used to lower diabetes and heart disease risks. The Nigerian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (NSEM) and the Diabetes Association of Nigeria(DAN) recommended traditional foods such as fluted pumpkins to beat diabetes and heart disease including hypertension.

Fluted pumpkin (ugu) leaves like all dark green leafy vegetables are rich in dietary properties such as calcium, iron, potassium and some levels of folic acid and manganese.The leaves equally contains high levels of Vitamin A and K and also Vitamins C, B2, and E! The leaves have great antioxidant capacities to help in restoring damaged cells and skins.

The ugu leaves protects our hearts and liver from harmful toxins and painkillers like paracetamols. It reduces the risk of heart diseases because it contains a lot of natural anti-inflamatories. As if these are not enough, it also contains lots of phytonutrients which is thought to reduce the risks of breast and stomach cancers.

One study states: "Further protective non-nutrient phenolic phytochemicals against NIDDM and hypertension are potentially high in these foods but less understood!"

"Researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy,University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state, have as well demonstrated how fluted pumpkin leaves reduced 'blood sugar levels"

Previous researches and studies have also indicated that "fluted pumpkin possesses anti-inflamatory (painkiller), antibacterial, erythropietic (erythropoiesis is the process by which red blood cells-erythrocytes are produced) Anticholestrollemic(prevents the build up of cholesterol and antidiabetic (treat diabetes mellitus by lowering glucose levels in the blood) activities"

"Researches at the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic medical sciences, College of medicine, University of Ibadan,equally justified the inclusion of pumpkin extracts in the herbal preparations in African Traditional medicine"

Several studies and researches had been made by many Universities and their scholars and that also included United States studies which also "demonstrated how fluted pumpkin could be used to manage diabetes and hypertension"

Finally, several researchers unanimously concluded thus: "This study demonstrates that (Telfairia Occidentalis) may be useful therapy for hypercholesterolemia through reducing oxidative stress and cholesterol levels"

This is a very useful research work on fluted pumpkin (ugu)leaves and seeds. Now you can see for yourself that Ugu as we know it is a special gift from God. It is not only a healthy eating meal but equally has a preventive, healing and curative properties and capabilities second to none. Please spread the words!

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