Extracting Moi Moi From Nigerian Brown Or Black Eye Beans

Moi Moi

Ladies and gentlemen, I have great pleasure in introducing to you moi moi, one of the most important healthy eating diets that are extracted from beans!

Beans you know is low in fat but rich in protein! I’m ferociously excited about the discovery that through these meals one can achieve not only good health but long life!

The great thing about this meal is that it has double advantages! By that, I mean that it can help you to achieve good health and will equally help you to lose weight but still maintain a healthy body.

It has everything anyone can look for in precious food values. Read more about moi moi here.

Are you a nursing or pregnant mother, vegetarian, diebetic; or are you looking for a type of food to eat and loose weight gracefully? If your answer is “Yes” then seek no more because eating moi moi with various vegetable combinations you will read from this website is going to help you to achieve whatever is your dream in good healthy eating!

The extraction is almost exactly as in Akara balls.

In summary, purchase a small or big bag of Nigerian brown or black eye beans. Put the quantity you want to make use of in a bowl of water and allow it to soak for at least 20-30 minutes. Remove the skins either by hand or use cheese grater as shown and demonstrated in extracting Akara balls. Once the skins are thoroughly removed, put the beans into the grinder, add fresh pepper, fresh tomatoes and sliced onions and grind until the beans turn to paste. Add water to lessen the thickness! For colouring, you can add tomato puree. If you don’t want the moi moi to be too reddish, then you don’t need to add the tomato puree!

Once the beans are ground, you can then decide on what fillings you want to add for example, boiled or poached eggs, cornbeef, prawns, shrimps, or shredded crayfish. Which ever filling or fillings you choose, submerge it in the ground bean’s paste and add salt and pepper if you have not added them. You can then add at least 2-3 spoonfuls of vegetable or palm oil and stir and mix.

Foils, leaf wrappers, mould of different shapes and sizes if you are going to adopt my creative methods.

Once you have completed mixing, you assemble the foils and moulds. Lubricate the foils, wrappers or moulds with oil. The reason is to make the steamed/cooked moi moi to be freely and easily detached from the foils or wrappers.

The next step is steam- cooking:

Your first step is to put a big pot on fire and add small quantity of water and let it boil. You can put a metal bracket in the pot.

As the water boils, you can then scoop the ground paste and pour the scoops into the greased wrappers, moulds and foils until the paste are totally exhausted.

For foil wrappers, carefully and gently wrap and seal the edges before putting them in the pot. Then cover the pot with a lid and allow it to steam-cook for at least 40-50 minutes.

While the moi moi are being cooked, make sure you continue to add little water to avoid the water in the pot drying. Check and recheck if thoroughly steamed-cooked.

Once it is thoroughly cooked, remove and put them in the plates or bowls to cool!

Depending on the quantity of beans you ground and the number of foils, wrappers and moulds you made, you can be sure you can feed up to 5-10 members of your family with a 500grams of beans! Most importantly, you and members of your family are eating protein rich diet second to none!

Next step is to decide whether to eat it on its own or to eat them with a combination of vegetables and numerous other diets such as poached eggs, broccoli, mushroom, runner beans, cauliflower, lobster, natural honey; carrots; watercress, celery, stew, low fat yogurt; boiled or fried ripped plantains etc. The list is inexhaustible!

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can achieve good health and long life by eating moi moi! Are you a vegetarian, pregnant or nursing mother; infant, toddler, teenager or adult, moi moi constitutes a healthy eating diet second to none! You have open invitation to cook it now and eat. You can try and eat moi moi with fresh boiled or roasted fishes too.

Find more beans recipes here.

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