Nigerian breadfruit recipe shows how to cook the diet!

Nigerian breadfruit recipe


This article is a continuation of the previous article entitled "Nigerian Breadfruit" As I have already written about the bread nut as well as the seeds, this part of the article will show how the seeds are cooked and eaten in Nigeria. Once again, I have to remind my readers that Nigerian breadfruit has no resemblance with the type of breadfruit grown in West Indies and some other parts of the world.

Breadfruit seeds known as (Artocarpus Camans) constitute a very important diet in Nigeria and in Igbo land in particular! These seeds according to some studies, state that they contain appreciable amount of protein, carbohydrate and mineral contents. "The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid which compared well with those of melon seeds, soybeans and groundnut oil. The oil also serves as a good source of edible fat for human consumption.

The seeds have low organic acid which denote the keeping quality of the seeds and need to be processed to avoid spoilage and wastage during its seasons"

In the past, breadfruit seeds and the diets are regarded as poor peoples' diet but today in London for example only rich people can afford it. The cost has sky rocked to the point where one can pay as much as £5 for a packet of the seeds which weighs less than one lb. During my researches, I went to Dalston, Brixton and Barking markets in London respectively and found only a few packets.

Why are these seeds very scarce and very expensive I asked but I was given all sorts of reasons. Some of the sellers said the season has gone and past for the seeds while some narrated the hardship they incur in bringing them into London and Europe in particular!

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

To be sincere, the facts are that the breadfruit trees are being cut down in astronomical speed for Nigerian bakery ovens. The trees are dying and drying out and no one and no Government is ready to do anything about it or to replace or replant them. From what I saw in Nigeria recently, I mean a few weeks ago, I can tell you with impunity that the Breadfruit trees will not be found in Nigeria by the year 2028! They will definitely be like Dodo!

Many people have different ways of cooking and eating breadfruit seeds. For healthy eating sake which is what my website is all about, I would like my readers to keep the cooking simple!

I know in some parts of Anambra state, the seeds are cooked with bitter leaves, crayfish, and all sorts of condiments but the simplest way to cook and enjoy (Ukwa) is to avoid some of those unhealthy condiments.

Breadfruit seeds (Ukwa) takes a lot of time to cook! The cooking can run into hours and the sifting, or removing sands and some foreign bodies take lengthy time too. However, once it is cooked, you have a unique, delicious and nutritious diet second to none.



1... Two cups of the seeds if you can afford it hee in Europe or America. Have the seeds washed several times to make suer there is no sand.

2...Soak overnight 5-10 hours

3...Thoroughly wash the seeds again and pour into Pressure cooker for a minimum of 30-40 minutes with maize or corn.

4..If you haven't got pressure cooker, then while the seeds and corn are being cooked, add a tea spoonful of powdered "Bicarbonate of Soda" (Okanwu) or (Akwanwu) AND COOK FOR AT LEAST I HOUR.

5..As soon as the meal is fully cooked, you can drain the juice and drink it along with the meal. (Miri Ukwa) You can add salt pepper but certainly not onions! However, you can blend the cooking with whatever stuff you like according to your taste but what I have demonstrated here is the simplest method traditionally adopted in many parts of Igbo land.

It can be eaten with (Ugba and tapioca). Other people from other parts of Nigeria can cook and eat this meal in their own traditional way. However, the Igbo people of Nigeria are blessed with this rich and precious food stuff called breadfruit!

Nigerian breadfruit

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