Nigerian chicken mushroom soup is super delicious!

Nigerian chicken mushroom soup

Nigerian chicken mushroom soup is not only delicious but an ideal soup for a cold day.

Nigerian chicken mushroom soup is one of the most delicious soups one can cook in Nigeria. It is an ideal soup for a family that are looking for a quick healthy eating recipe. It is so simple and easy to prepare.

The good thing about this type of soup is the fact that it could be eaten with all kinds of foods such as bread, moi moi, boiled or fried ripped plantain. It could be eaten on its own as 'a pick me up' meal or as an appetizer.

The easiest way to prepare this type of soup is to first to have handy at least 2lbs of boneless chicken breasts, one pound weight of mushroom, salt and pepper and all sorts of condiments and ingredients ready.

This is a type of soup that can be prepared by a busy business man or a bachelor or spinster in a hurry who doesn't want to eat junk foods such as pizza, noodles or takeaways from Fast food restaurants. nigerian pepper soup recipes Nigerian chicken mushroom is has less ingredients compared with many other Nigerian soups such as Egusi, Edika-ekong, Ogbono, Ewedu, Okra and including pepper soups. Cooking the soup takes a few minutes compared with other kinds of soups too.


1.....2lbs of boneless chicken breasts

2.....1lb weight of mushroom local or imported

3......1lb of spring onions (cut into pieces)

4.......2 sticks of fresh carrots( cut into small pieces or shredded)

5......1 tsp of veg oil and 1tsp of salt and pepper

6......3 cups of water

Preparation and cooking takes less than 30 minutes. First cut the chicken breasts into several pieces or cubes and put them in the pot to boil for at least 15 minutes. Then put all the ingredients and stir continuously for a few minutes and then allow to boil together.

Then continue to stir intermittently for another 10 minutes. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes and then remove from the stove. It is better eaten hot! You have to make the choice of what to eat it with or to eat it on its own for a simple healthy eating recipe.

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Nigerian chicken and mushroom soup

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