Nigerian Culture - Second To None

The Nigerian culture is liberal, generous and accommodates all citizens and individuals! Nigerians are blessed with the spirit of magnanimity, liberal culture, and liberal attitudes to life and diets.

It is true that Nigerians are blessed with the spirit of magnanimity, liberal culture, and liberal attitudes to life and diets.

Nigeria is a wonderful, evocative and sometimes mysterious country with a population of 150,000,000 million people! Yes, 150m. People! It is the biggest and largest country in Black Africa!

Map of Nigeria - Read about Nigerian culture

The people are dynamic, ambitious, industrious; creative, enthusiastic, warm-hearted and hardworking! Nigeria is equally the 5th largest oil producing nation in the world.

Sadly, some enemies of the country accuse the young country of being riddled with the germs of bribery and corruption.

True, but can anyone tell me a country that is not riddled with these age-long germs of bribery and corruption? Let that country or people throw the first stone at Nigeria

America, Great Britain, Germany; Switzerland, Italy, China, Japan to mention a few are all overloaded with these highly infectious virus called bribery and corruption 50 times more than that of Nigeria!

I’m not defending Nigeria, but to be sincere, the amount of bribery and corruption that take place in Great Britain, Europe and America makes that of Nigeria a child’s play!

Nigerians attitudes to food, and healthy eating:

The liberal, generous Nigerian culture is equally extended to foreign people, neighbours and relatives. For example, an average Nigerian in their homes, do not itemise who will eat or who wouldn’t! When they cook, they don’t necessarily cook for only the members of their families. They always cook and keep some foods and drinks incase a friend, relative or a total stranger comes or visits the household.

This attitude is general among all Nigerians irrespective of tribes and tongues. It is customary and traditional and practised from Hausa land to Igbo land, from Yoruba land to Rivers, from Rivers to Ibibio and Efik Land! As far as generous and liberal attitudes are concerned, Nigeria has the greatest and the best liberal culture for foods and drinks in the world!

In summary, it is equally true that Nigerians have great cultures that accommodate all citizens, individuals, and visitors alike! To welcome and entertain strangers or foreigners, Nigerians are always ready and willing to sweep tribal, racial divisions and discriminations under the carpet!

Long live Nigeria, his people and their liberal culture!

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