Nigerian Food Culture - An Introduction

Nigerian Food Culture - An Introduction

Nigerian food can be delicious and healthy. Surprisingly, an average Nigerian in the village looks relatively slimmer than those who live in the cities and eat the best food money can buy. I have currently noticed that most of the Nollywood actors and actresses are now growing fat in geometrical progressions!

Somebody has to point this situation out before obesity the scourge of the western world grips them.

This is not only a food for thought but a situation that has to be mentioned before this dangerous stage is reached.

My guess for this unfortunate incident is that many of these actors and actresses seem to be nonchalant about what they eat, don’t eat fruits and vegetables and worse still, do not have time for regular exercises.

It is true that they eat the best food money can buy but sometimes, some of those foods can be harmful especially when body weight are not regularly checked.

Once again, I have to point out that we are what we eat! What we eat can equally influence our life’s styles and patterns! I have already recommended some diets for healthy eating for the Nollywood stars in this my website. I pray that they should follow my recommendations with all amount of seriousness!

Fast food industries and restaurants are now springing up fast in Nigeria.

The arrival of Fast food restaurants in Nigeria look gorgeous and easy for those who are too lazy to cook. I warn an average Nigerians and the Nollywood stars that most of these foods the various establishments serve are what we classify as ‘JUNK FOODS!’ No one can achieve healthy eating from such foods. They can be dangerous to the body and need warning certificates given to the regular eaters!

The following articles will tell you more about Nigerian food, healthy eating and Nigerian culture:

Nigerian Culture - Second To None
The Nigerian culture is liberal, generous and accommodates all citizens and individuals!

A Nigerian Party - Always Lots Of Foods And Drinks
Invited to a Nigerian party? Nigerians can be over generous with foods and drinks during parties!

Foods and Customs in Nigeria
Let's take a look at Nigerian foods and customs in Nigeria.

Healthy Eating Advice For Nollywood Stars
Only God knows how proud we Nigerians abroad are whenever the Nollywood industry and its stars are mentioned!

Nigerian Foods - Moi Moi In Creative Designs, Sizes and Shapes
Moi moi has more sustaining and healthy benefits than most of Nigerian foods I have ever cooked and eaten.

Foods Eaten In Nigeria - About Rice and Yams, Nigeria's Staple Diets
What are common foods eaten in Nigeria? Nigerians have lots of foods which are grown and cultivated in the country.

Nigerian breakfast has no regulated timetable!
Nigerian breakfast literally means eat what you like!

Nigerian restaurants serve mouth-watering dishes!
Nigerian restaurants are exotic and world renowed!

Nigerian goat meat steak is succulent, tasty and juicy!
Nigerian goat meat steak with skins are not only juicy and tasty but nutritious and mouth-watering!

Nigerian food market is always full of varieties of foods!
Nigerian food market is generally overflown with all sorts of foodstuffs including fruits and vegetables!

Nigerian restaurants and bars in UK serve fantastic dishes!
This article shows the names and addresses of Nigerian restaurants and bars in UK!

Six essentials save money explains six food items to lessen your eating budgets!
Six essentials save money shows you some of the staple foods you ought to have in your kitchen to enable you save lots of money!

Save money at lunch explains how you can save lots of money during lunch!
Save money at lunch shows you full details how you can economise and save loads of money on what you eat!

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