Nigerian Foods and Customs

Akara balls - Nigerian foods and customs

Let's take a look at Nigerian foods and customs in Nigeria.

To be sincere, Nigerians cannot claim to have regular eating time table as seen or practised in the western world.

An average Nigerian in the village can skip the so-called breakfast and may choose to drink palm wine instead.

He may equally skip lunch and then wait for the evening or night when he can hopefully eat ‘Akpu’ or cassava, garri or pounded yam with any kind of soup available.

However, the rich Nigerians in the cities can afford the eating rituals called Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and they are eaten as follows:

Breakfast start with tea, coffee and bread. Or akara balls eaten with ‘akamu’ or ‘ogi’ pap or custard and can equally be eaten with fried yam, egg and fried ripped plantain slices. No special time!

Depending on ones economic status, environments such as city, office, a good average lunch starts with rice and beans, yams boiled or fried eaten with stew. Some workers prefer to eat at popular restaurants like ‘Mamaput!’They can choose to eat at canteens where Eba, garri, amala, pounded yams and various kinds of soups are at their disposal. It is difficult and impossible to regulate what an average Nigerian eats at lunch.

Almost identical to lunch. They can eat at their respective homes any food or diet of their choice. Choice of dinner once again, like lunch depends on how well-off the families or persons are. They can eat whatever food combination they like. Most Nigerians poor or rich like to eat ‘fufu’ something they can swallow!

Apart from the vegetables in the soups, many Nigerians hardly eat regulated and regimental vegetables and fruits as a means of healthy eating. Majority eat fruits only when they feel like eating one. Even though there are plenty of assorted fruits and vegetables in the country, most Nigerians don’t bother to eat them. They rather prefer to eat starchy foods or carbohydrate diets.

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