Nigerian Foods - Moi Moi In Creative Designs, Sizes and Shapes

Nigerian Foods - Moi Moi

Moi moi has more sustaining and healthy benefits than most of Nigerian foods I have ever cooked and eaten. It is so simple compared with many other diets. We need the protein it provides even though many Nigerians don’t realise its healthy eating importance. I literally, became an apostle of moi moi ever since I discovered its health potentials and high protein nourishments.

Moi moi are customarily wrapped with special broad leaves, tins and foils. In my researches, I found that moi moi can be made to look and appear more attractive to the eaters.

In that case, I resolved that cooking, presentation and preservation are equally very important since I have equally decided to introduce the diet not only to many Nigerians but to the healthy eating individuals and all the people of the world at large.

I first experimented on different designs and finally found cake moulds! The cake moulds have assorted attractive designs, shapes and sizes I had dreamt about. I wondered if they will fit into my plan when I cook with them. “Eureka!” the experiments proved successful! I was so glad! The new attractive designs, shapes and sizes of moi moi make the presentation ideal for would-be eaters.

The designs and the transformation are not only imaginative but creative, revolutionary; innovative and sensational! Look at the final products! I have a positive opinion that many hotels, restaurants, fast food canteens and homes will adopt these attractive designs and offer this attractive healthy eating diet to their customers.

I stress the importance of eating moi moi as simple nutritious healthy Nigerian food.

The days are gone when people overload themselves with starchy and carbohydrate junk foods. Obesity is real and it is now the scourge of the western world!

Moi moi is a light and refreshing diet and goes well with any kind of vegetables or vegetable combinations. In fact, with any other healthy meals. It can be eaten with natural honey or low calorie yogurts as an appetizer or ‘afters!’

I repeat, moi moi can be eaten with mushrooms, boiled carrots, runner beans; ripped fried or boiled plantain, cauliflower, celery; broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, asparagus, gravy and stew. The choice of vegetable combinations is all yours!

Moi moi can be eaten with fried or cooked fresh fishes, roast goat and lamb meat as well as lobster. When I showed some of my Nigerian relatives my creative moi, moi they could not believe the transformation. Moi moi is an exotic diet second to none! Exotic here literally, means ‘something strikingly and intriguingly unusual, different or beautiful’

You have the freedom to surf my website and see for yourself photographic images of moi moi profusely spread and presented in assorted designs, shapes and sizes. There are some cooked diets recommended to be eaten with different combinations for good healthy eating. For healthy balanced Nigerian foods, select moi moi with any eating combinations of your choice. If you have any questions to ask, I will gladly answer as well as discuss any type of healthy eating diets.

Many other Nigerian nutritious and mouth-watering dishes or diets are equally and profusely displayed in this website for your delight. The recipes are also featured. I have included step by step method of extracting moi moi and akara balls from beans.

I’m sure you will be happy and patient enough to indulge in this great extraction adventure!

Learn more about the food culture of Nigeria.

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