Nigerian Recipes That Make Healthy Nigerian Diets

Nigerian recipes

Looking for Nigerian recipes? Here are healthy eating diets from Nigeria that are not only tasty and appetizing, but delicious and nutritious, mouth-watering and finger-licking!

1. “Akara balls” to feed 5-10 members of a family and for healthy eating!

2. “Moi,Moi” The star-studded Healthy eating ‘Alternative’ recommended for Vegetarians, diabetics, weight-watchers; pregnant and nursing mothers etc;

3. Rice: Jolloff (red), Jolloff (brown),Fried rice with eggs; Boiled white rice with stew, Boiled white rice with mushroom and onion stew; Fried coconut rice,Savory rice (cooked with pieces of goat meat,chicken,spring onions, runner beans and carrots)

4. Yam Pottage: A tasty Nigerian recipe cooked with fish, meat, onions and assorted seasonings, with pumpkin and with spinach. Fried and roasted yams.

5. “Ofe Nsala!” Traditional pepper soup highly regarded and eaten by the Ibo indigenes especially those from Anambra and various other sister states in Nigeria. Cooked with chunks of fresh fishes and assorted spices and seasonings. Eaten with pounded yam, amala,ground rice, semolina etc; (Mouth-watering and finger-licking!)

6. Egusi Soup: This is another mouth-watering, delicious and finger-licking soup also eaten with pounded yam,amala, ground rice,akpu,eba ,garri etc.(see picture below)

Egusi soup

7. “Edika Ekong” This Nigerian recipe includes the story. This is the mother of all Nigerian healthy soups! It is alleged to be love portion, lovers’ soup, the soup of the Witches, Wizards and the gods; addictive, expensive, and aphrodisiac! “EWEDU” Another type of soup (slippery texture) and cooked with special vegetable grown in Yoruba land and originated from Yoruba tribes. Famously eaten with Amala, garri and pounded yam.

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8. Original Pepper Soup: Special hot soup cooked with fresh chilli pepper, contains, tripes, pieces of goat meat, liver, and various spices. Eaten all over Nigeria especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

9. Roasted or Fried Pieces of Goat Meat: Tenderly Fried pieces of goat meat with skins submerged in fresh pepper and eaten with moi, moi, and washed down with fresh pineapple juice.

10. Large Roasted Fish: Richly seasoned, roasted and eaten with moi, moi, parsley,fried ripped plantain; cucumber and mushroom(Healthy Eating diets)

11. Beans and Yam Pottage, Rice and Beans with Stew and Beans with Corn or Maize

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