Nutritional values of prunes improve the digestive system tremendously!

NUTRITIONAL VALUES OF PRUNES:  The nutritional values of prunes are immense! In one of my articles in this website, I narrated how eating plums(fruit) helped to cure my stomach ailment that went for 8 months.

This is true! After suffering for a kind of stomach disorder which made me not only to avoid food but equally made me to vomit after eating for 8 months. By accident, after the doctors failed to help me, I was incredibly  cured by the plums I ate! Little did I know that even dried plums(prunes)could equally be a healthy eating fruit packed and loaded with life saving nutrients second to none!

PRUNES were originally obtained from special plums, specially grown and are conventionally turned into prunes after harvesting. However, "in the year 2001, prunes were renamed "dried plums" so as to redefine their reputation as a laxative and re-market them as nutritious fruit snack, according to California"Dried Plum Board" As a result, prunes can now be called or known as dried plums.They are known to provide essential nutritional values and benefits for individuals of all ages and more importantly for aging adults.They are naturally free of fats but high in fibre.

PRUNES HAVE BOTH NUTRITIONAL AND HEALTH VALUES SECOND TO NONE WHEN COMPARED WITH OTHER DRIED FRUITS.They are defined as dried plums sweet with deep taste and sticky chewy texture.They are highly nutritious and most importantly,they are available all year round and can be found in many parts of the world including Nigeria, Ghana,South Africa,South America and all Asian continents.

VITAMINS/MINERALS: These are among the nutritional values of prunes. Prunes are incredibly super loaded with good dose of bone-building minerals in form of Calcium and phosphous.They are also known to provide at least 75mg of calcium and 120mg of phosphous in an average 1 cup serving. The nutritional values of prunes also include such nutrients such as Vitamins K,and A; niacin, riboflavin and Vitamin B6.Further more,one cup has about103 micogams of vitamin K and 1,359 i.u of vitamin A, and are equally packed with antioxidants.

NUTRIENTS IN DAILY VALUE PRUNES:  They are as follows: Vitamin K=32% daily value; Fibre-12.3%, Potassium-9%,Calories (104) 5%.

However, this is based on0.25 cup(43.50) grams.The nutritional values are really too many to enumerate. No one should overlook the health and nutritional values of dried plums called prunes.In my next article, I will explain in details the the health benefits of prunes. Healthy eating diet advice

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