Organic Fruits And Vegetables From Nigeria - The Best For Your Healthy Eating Recipe

Organic Fruits And Vegetables From Nigeria

Nigeria grows organic fruits and vegetables that provide the best of juices and are perfect for anyone intrested in healthy eating.


It is a fact universally accepted and acknowledged that you and I can achieve long life ,fitness and good health through eating healthy diets.

Nigeria as a nation grows varieties of fruits and vegetables and most importantly, they are all organic!

There are many fresh fruits and vegetables one can pick even from local farms or gardens.


The fruits that come to my mind right now are pineapples, oranges, mangos; banana, avocado pears, grapefruits; tangerines, carrots, apples, cocoa, paw paw; lime, lemons, guava, kola nuts, coconuts, pears, olive, palm fruits and numerous other fruits scattered but can be found all over Nigeria.

Nigeria also grows numerous vegetables including root vegetables and they include onions, cucumber, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, garden eggs; melons, watercress, sweet potatoes; potatoes; water-melon, fluted pumpkins, mushrooms, celery; bitterleaves, groundnuts, tomatoes, corn/maize, pepper, coco-yams etc;

There are many other very important vegetables and spices which I can only name them in their native Ibo names and they are okazi,utazi,uziza, oha, and ‘ncho-onwunwu!’ to mention a few.

Fluted pumpkin leaves

All these organic fruits and vegetables can be harnessed for healthy eating! So you want to achieve long life and good health through healthy eating? Here, I will give you the key that can freely open that sacred door to good health and long life! Are you willing and ready to listen and learn?


The Queens Pineapple

Now, let me give you my first precious gem secret in achieving fitness and good health. Do you know that Nigeria grows one of the best specie of succulent, sweet, mouth-watering, juicy, large pineapples called “Queens?” Yes, ‘Queens’ pineapple?Queens’s pineapple is a special specie second to none! If you live in Nigeria or if you are a Nigerian living abroad, on arrival in Nigeria, tell your friends or family members to go and buy this precious specie for you. It has every thing in terms of food value! I bet you, it will take more than two people to eat one queens’ pineapple. It has sustaining power more than any other!

Apart from the skins, every part of Queens is eatable! It is huge, juicy, look greenish in outlook but inside is pure creamy white compared with other pineapples which are normally yellowish. This specie is better than many other species of pineapples especially the tiny tasteless ones imported into Europe and America.

For healthy eating, queens can be crushed, squeezed, and the juice drank fresh three times a day! I do this every time I visit Nigeria and I can tell you, it is better than all those expensive junk foods served in various hotels!

It is exciting to note that fresh pineapples and other organic fruits and vegetables are harvested every day in Nigeria and can be found everywhere. These are all you need to eat to achieve good health and long life!

A Story From My Late Mother

It is sad that some Nigerians overlook the importance of these organic fruits and vegetables. What a pity, our nation or land grows organic fruits and vegetables which are the envy of other nations of the world yet we seem not to bother about eating them!

Look at yourself, don’t you deserve something good, or deserve long life? I can tell you with all sincerity that you can achieve good health by only eating fresh fruits and veg.

Those of you who grew in the rural areas in Nigeria have at one time seen local goats reared in nearby bushes. A closer look at those goats, will tell you that they grow luxuriantly healthy and have beautiful smooth skins.

You have the freedom to make this observation. That explains the facts that if you eat grasses, fruits and vegetables, your skin and body will look healthy better than those of the goats! You need just simple diets not “Isi ewu and Nkwobi!”

I can never forget the story my late mother told me about their eating habits during the civil war between Nigerian and Biafra.
Organic fruits and vegetables In her own words, I quote: “Son, the Nigerian Biafra war was a cruel one indeed especially for those of us who lived in the village!” She went on, we were starved to death! The first nine months of the war, we ate all our foods, yams, cassava; you name them, all gone!”

“There were no meat and poultry. A chicken cost about 50,000,000 Biafran money/currency which was then a full big sack of money to buy one chicken! We were all dying until I had a kind of inspiration, or hunch to start eating grasses and leaves including cassava leaves.”

“Early in the morning when there is no air raid, I will go out to find and cut these grasses and leaves. I will boil them without salt because even salt was so expensive to buy then. I persuaded all my family members and friends to eat them. There are always heaps of them to last for two or three days. By eating those grasses and leaves, the health of all the members of our families wonderfully improved and we spread the news.”

Finally, she affirmed that they survived only by eating grasses and leaves! Don’t wait until war breaks. You can now eat grasses and leaves and live long and healthy!


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