Sex is good it is a healthy diet as well as a tranquilizer!


Sex is good for all adults especially when it is regular and not abused!

In writing this article, I prayed over it for God in His infinite wisdom to help me to explain in the best way what sex is and how it can be used not only to honour the creator but to significantly respect the purposes for which he created it!

The word "Sex" have been abused over the years by many ignorant people through out the ages and history. Sex probably is one of the most thriving and lucrative industries in the world! This is because a woman is involved!

God in His infinite wisdom created a woman and made her what she is by Divine Order: a precious gem and the greatest and most mysterious gift to mankind!

You can't write about sex without a woman being at the centre and apex of the threshold and the beginning and the end of all sexual enjoyments! As I once wrote in my book "Be Proud to be a Woman", "A woman is the most mysterious, most complex, intricate and complicated human species ever created by God!

These daughters of Eve come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, and variations. They possess smooth, well-polished and refined skins and body unlike men. They are beautiful, glamorous,gorgeous; captivating, slick, chic, sexy, glitzy, charming and sensual! They have shapely legs, breasts and buttocks that shake rhythmically like set jellies!

When they are in love, the whole wide world will know it! The world will shake and vibrate with impunity but they will never be moved! When thy are in love, they will drink, eat, sing, dance and dream of love.

Love is as mysterious as the woman and if a man can capture a woman in love, then he will understand the definition of sex! Woman, love and sex are equally the greatest of all the gifts God once again, gave to mankind! By Divine Order, the trio need not be abused but respected, honuored and enjoyed!


The above mentioned are the evil side of sex! Those who make millions and billions of pounds and Dollars from such industries are evil and do not use Sex the way God made it to be. The truth is that these evil men and women who abuse sex never live to enjoy the emotional joys, therapeutic powers that God hid in them! They are cursed and they are never happy in their lives no matter the billions or millions of money they make from those evil dealings!

Sex is the greatest of all human enjoyments. It is the sweetest and much better than most sweetest and nutritious of all healthy eating diets! It is the sunshine of life! It is like the refreshing, rejuvenating cool breeze at dawn possessing the greatest of all the emotional enjoyments second to none! It is the most fulfilling of all human cravings! It is truly the beginning, the apex, and the end of all human emotions and satisfaction!

It is the greatest and most potent therapeutic agent and tranquilizer that has ever been if not abused. Yes, it has curative powers second to none! It is the way the Almighty God in His infinite wisdom want it to be! It has no equal and it is wonderful!


This is the title of an article I read from one Health magazine and the Reporter was named 'Janet Fricker'. I felt it is important to quote this for my readers. The article went thus, I quote, "Regular sex is more than just fun: scientists are finding that not only does it play an important role in physical and emotional well-being, but according to new studies, it also bolsters the immune system, relieves pains, helps regulate hormones, cures migraine and may even provide valuable therapy for psychological problems.

Dr Mirian Stoppard in her article "Good Sex Guide" wrote, I quote,"Sex can make you healthy and live long!" She went on, "Sex is a life force. There's nothing bad about good sex. It invigorates you. It makes you smile. There's a spring in your step and you feel on top of the world.

That's because the effects of sex touch every cell in your body, including your brain, in a beneficial way. The cascade of hormones that pours through your body before, during and after sex nourishes all your organs, making them fitter and better able to cope with stress. Sex plumbs straight into the reward centre in your brain and makes you feel content. Your heart, lungs, muscles, senses and skin get a workout each time you have sex so here's how you can think of it as a way to keep fit and stay healthy"

We all in our ignorance believe that God created the female folks just for mere sexual enjoyment and reproduction! Sex is much more than that! Sex is even more than a healing and pain relieving agent. I will explore this in the second article after this.

Quoting Dr Mirian Stoppard again, she wrote, "Sex makes you feel good about yourself. "The golden glow you feel after sex is because of the way sex affects your brain. It turns on the pleasure centres and you feel loved, content and happy. Then there are the feel-good hormones like endorphins that surge and stay high for up to eight hours after sex.

Sex does more than that to your emotional health. It makes you feel like an OK person, worthwhile, fulfilled. It boosts your self-esteem and your self confidence spills over into your life and relationships, domestic, social and professional. Sex is beneficial by making you feel better about yourself"


"The tonic effect of sex is apparent even in people in their 70s, 80s and 90s " wrote Dr Stoppard. She went on, "And the sex urge can remain all your life. In fact, some research in the US revealed that the only thing stopping older women from having sex is the absence of a partner. It's never too late to jump-start your sex life either. Even after decades of abstinence, a woman's body will respond to arousal in the same way as when she was 20, only more slowly. Men and women should seek to enjoy sex for as long as possible and all its benefits: use it or lose it"

You can agree with me that those who abuse sex are missing the rhythm of the dance and may never embrace and captivate the joy, the happiness and the peaceful serene and tranquility embedded in the pages of sex secret curriculum by the Almighty God, who is the Fountain and Author of life!

This article will continue in another page entitled "SEX HEALTHY BENEFITS BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING"

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