Swim to health is a serious advice you should take to stay fit!



The way things are going these days in all parts of the world, staying fit and healthy should be every body's priority! If you are fit and healthy, you can withstand any attack be it from bad government or bad people!

I learned how to swim when I was 13 years old and now that I'm old, I can tell you that I still enjoy swimming! Once you are a swimmer you can all the time swim! I have never seen an exercise as good as swimming!

Swimming is the perfect activity for staying in shape and one of the few "all-body" sports. Once you are immersed, the water takes the strain off your body so that your limbs become weightless and stiff joints are relieved of discomfort. Easy does it! Your arms, your legs, your head, all are in motion!

Swimming is good for the whole body, exercising all your muscles. If you do it for pleasure, even once a week, you will keep your body flexible,healthy and strong.

While you are in the water, you are in motion, swinging your arms and legs as if you are on another planet. For older people, I know it is hard to believe, but once you are immersed in the water, you will find all the arthritis have disappeared especially if you spend at least one hour in the water.

While in the water, the water gives you the support you would need. The water equally supports all your movements through the full exertion of your joints and limbs, meaning you can exercise in comfort. As a result, your joints become more flexible and your muscles get stronger and more elastic without you being aware of it.

Swimming is a wonderful form of relaxation. In fact it is extremely good for relaxation and rehabilitation after an illness, especially for your back and legs.

If you are looking for a special hobby, why not go for swimming. If you don't know how to swim, there are many trained swimmers who can train you. If you are in Nigeria, there are now many swimming pools and you can hire the teachers to train you. While you are under going the training, your swimming teacher will make sure that you will not drown if that thought disturbs you.

Any young person who does not know how to swim, should blame himself! Swimming is the apex of all exercises! In all the civilized countries, children start to learn how to swim as early as three years old.

While I was in secondary school, I used to swim non stop for hours,as well as diving right to the bottom of the lake. Frankly speaking, diving is an exciting pleasure greater than any other pleasures. Diving to scoop gravels, lost rings, metals, fossils, or trying to catch fishes with bare hands provide amusements and pleasures one should be proud of. I did all these! I have good memories of my swimming adventures from my college in Ogbor Hill to the commercial city or Aba township. Aba is now a part of Abia State in Nigeria.

However, swimming in a natural lake or sea is a thousand times better, more adventurous and exciting than swimming in man made or dug up swimming pools. The difference is definitely clear! I swum the famous Oguta lake, Amucha and Ekwe rivers and also swum in many rivers and lakes in Cameroon. Unforgettable memories are made of these!

Swimming will keep you fit, and healthy although it would involve swimming fairly hard for 20 to 30 minutes at least four times a week.

Let this article inspire you to undertake this old and new wonderful hobby and exercise which is second to none! Healthy eating diet advice

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