Water,everywhere,yet people take it forgranted!



It is true that water is as essential as the air we breathe and drinking water too is as important and essential as sleep!

The purpose of this article is to bring to my readers the importance of 'Drinking Water' I will not dwell much on the importance of water because majority of us including babies can confidentially realize and recognize the importance of water!

To be sincere, I never fully recognized the importance of drinking water until I started to research for this article. Like many of us we take drinking water for granted. I must admit, I'm one of those hardhearted culprits who don't realise that drinking water is the surest way to healthy living!

Even when I developed a large waistline and protruding stomach, my wife a nurse for many years diagnosed that my trouble was as a result of not drinking sufficient water. I definitely and flatly ignored her diagnoses. However, at a point, I started to do a sort of personal analysis as regards my protruding stomach. It came to a point where I can't get into my two and three piece suits.

I don't drink beer or any alcohol and do not smoke. How then do I parade in potbelly, I asked myself? The answer came loud and clear as my wife once suggested that I do not drink plenty of water! In fact, this incident led me to start researching for the importance of drinking water.

It sounds incredible but it is true and I must share the story with you! I went on water drinking extravaganza! You call it forceful crash water drinking habit of 10 glasses a day! When I started the crash habit, it was never easy. At first drinking water tasted like medicine, blunt and uninspiring!

After three weeks of continuous drinking of 10 glasses of water a day, you can never believe it, but it is true that I felt not only light but active and most importantly, my protruding stomach vanished! Now, I don't think I can ever pass a day without at least 10 glasses of water a day! I'm sure most of my readers are like me. I know as they say, "Seeing is believing!"


I take this opportunity to ask you to drink as much as 10 glasses of cold water a day and I promise you that within three or four weeks, you will see result a new you, especially if you develop potbelly! This is magic! I could not believe this until I tried it myself! Say it loud, it is good to drink at least 10 glasses of cold water a day for the maintenance of our bodies.

Do you know that you can achieve weight loss through drinking water? Yes, it is true and achievable! Most diet experts advise drinking plenty of water. It definitely helps you to feel full and so eat less, plus it's calorie-free advantages.

But there could be more to it than that,according to new researches on weight loss.People who form the habit of drinking soft drinks and juices without some glasses of cold water are not doing themselves some good, health wise. It pays to give up some of these soft or alcohol drinking in place of real cold water.

Scientists at Oakland Research Institute in the US suggest it could actually help to burn fat. In a study lasting 12 months, overweight women on a diet, who drank at least one litre of water a day, lost 2.2kg more than similar women who were following the same diet but drank less than a litre of water a day.

In fact, people who drank water burned 40% more fat during exercise than those who drank calorific drinks. The study further added that when we consume drinks containing sugar, or even artificial sweeteners, levels of insulin are raised preventing fat breakdown. This equally means that even drinking orange juice, as opposed to water, will reduce the amount of fat you burn over the next few hours after consumption.

Water is essential to our good health and so is drinking of water to our livelihood and survival.

This article will continue in the second page entitled: HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER

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